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All implings in Puro-Puro and Gielinor, in order of Hunter level required to catch, top to bottom and left to right.

Implings are Hunter creatures that are featured in the minigame Impetuous Impulses. They are mainly found in Puro-Puro, but they may appear anywhere across Gielinor. The higher level the impling, the better potential loot, generally speaking.

A butterfly net or magic butterfly net is helpful when catching implings. Players can catch them without a net, but only if they are 10 levels above the requirement for catching an impling (for example, catching ninja implings without a net will require level 84 in Hunter instead of the normal 74). If a player has an empty impling jar in their inventory, the impling caught will be placed into the jar. Otherwise, the impling caught will be looted immediately. Implings within Puro-Puro can only be caught when the player is carrying empty impling jars.

Three jars can be obtained from Elnock Inquisitor in Puro-Puro at the cost of one of type of jarred impling. This can be a good use for young and baby implings, given their low value loot. They can also be generated with a jar generator (33 jars from a generator, one at a time). Elnock will store one butterfly net, one imp repellent, and a maximum of 127 impling jars.

Implings have the ability to fly over any body of water or lava, but not over obstacles that can be labelled with a line on the minimap. They will occasionally teleport to a nearby area. They can sometimes spawn inside some thick walls, for example the wall east of Taverley that runs north to south. This would make them impossible to catch, and potentially be considered a glitch if not for their ability to teleport. They can be found even in some isolated areas, such as Runecrafting altars.

A wandering impling roams around the large wheat field in Zanaris. He cannot be caught, but he introduces players to the Impetuous Impulses minigame in an eccentric manner and will show players the location of the two other portals outside of Puro-Puro. Another visually identical impling, Immenizz, can be found near the centre of Puro-Puro. He will explain briefly why implings might be hiding what humans may want. Fairy Aeryka is found near the wandering impling, and she will also give her version of what implings are, and what is in Puro-Puro.

Unlike most other hunter creatures, players can use the spells Bind, Snare, and Entangle to keep an impling from moving further away. This can be useful when in Puro-Puro, or to keep an impling from flying over a body of water.

When an impling spawns in the world, the sound that plays is a high-pitched "beckon whistle" plus a subtle rattling that lasts about 3 seconds.

Implings[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Hunter Level (net) Hunter Level (hand) Experience in Puro-Puro Experience in Gielinor

Grand Exchange Price (jar)

Average Value of Loot
Baby impling.png Baby impling 17 27 18 20 1,447 (unknown)
Young impling.png Young impling 22 32 20 22 1,373 (unknown)
Gourmet impling.png Gourmet impling 28 38 22 24 2,459 295(approx)
Earth impling.png Earth impling 36 46 25 27 1,284 (unknown)
Essence impling.png Essence impling 42 52 27 29 2,436 323(approx)
Eclectic impling.png Eclectic impling 50 60 32 34 2,575 1,049(approx)
Nature impling.png Nature impling 58 68 34 36 2,623 1,777(approx)
Magpie impling.png Magpie impling 65 75 44 216 15,305 13,732(approx)
Ninja impling.png Ninja impling 74 84 52 240 23,875 16,105(approx)
Dragon impling.png Dragon impling 83 93 65 300 357,371 152,849(approx)
Lucky impling.png Lucky impling 89 99 80 380 (not sold) (unknown)

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
4 April 2013
Hunter implings can now only be caught by one person at a time.