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An impling jar is a specially treated butterfly jar. These specially treated jars are used to catch implings in the minigame Impetuous Impulses and all over Gielinor.

Impling jars cannot be used to catch butterflies.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Implings[edit | edit source]

Implings that can be captured include:

Impling Jar Hunter Level Hunter Level (barehanded)
Baby impling 17 27
Young impling 22 32
Gourmet impling 28 38
Earth impling 36 46
Essence impling 42 52
Eclectic impling 50 60
Nature impling 58 68
Magpie impling 65 75
Ninja impling 74 84
Crystal impling 80 90
Dragon impling 83 93
Lucky impling 89 99