In Search of Knowledge

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In Search of Knowledge
In Search of Knowledge.png
Released 4 July 2019 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series None
Official difficulty Experienced
Developer(s) Mod Husky

In Search of Knowledge is a miniquest which involves the player filling three tomes found in the Forthos Dungeon's Temple Library.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointBrother Aimeri, towards the south-eastern end of the Forthos Dungeon. Show on map
Official difficultyExperienced
DescriptionAssist Brother Aimeri in uncovering the mysteries that lie in the Forthos Dungeon.
Official lengthMedium
Requirements None - but a high combat level is recommended.
Items required
Enemies to defeat Varies

Note: This miniquest is best completed while completing Spiders, Zombies, Red dragons or Sarachnis slayer tasks, which effectively turns this miniquest into a passive grind, which saves time in the long run.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Enter Forthos Dungeon and talk to the injured monk, Brother Aimeri, located in the south-east corner of the dungeon, outside the entrance to Sarachnis' lair. Use five pieces of food (must be fish, meat or vegetables), and he will heal to full health. Ask him who he is, and he will say he is here to discover the origins of his religion, and asks that you let him know about anything of interest that you find. Once you say "I'll keep my eyes open", the miniquest will begin. Make sure you see this dialogue, or else you won't be able to obtain the tomes.

The player must now gather four tattered sun pages, tattered moon pages and tattered temple pages. The pages are dropped by all types of monsters within the Dungeon, at the rates shown below.

Monster Level Hitpoints Droprate
Sarachnis 318 400 1/5
Red dragon 152 140 1/10
Undead druid 105 140 1/20
Baby red dragon 48 50 1/25
Temple spider 75 70 1/30

The page that drops will always be the one the player has the least of. At lower levels, baby red dragons are the easiest to kill for the pages - there is an alcove in the south-east corner of the red dragon area where two baby red dragons spawn and the adult dragons cannot reach. Temple spiders may be quicker to kill, due to having more spawns and being in a multicombat area.

Once four of each page has been obtained, head west from Brother Aimeri and then north from the grubby chest into a library area with undead druids; it is recommended to have the Protect from Magic prayer active, as their magic attacks are accurate and hit hard. Search all except the north-western shelves in the temple library; you should have obtained three tomes: the tome of the sun, tome of the moon and tome of the temple.

The temple library, where the tomes are found.

Use the pages on the respective tomes. Once filled, they can be used on Logosia in the centre of the Arceuus Library, completing the miniquest.

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • A lamp of knowledge that gives 10,000 experience in a skill of your choice that is at least level 40.

Upon completion, additional pages received can be sold to Logosia in exchange for 1,000 coins per page. You may also tell Logosia, "I'm going to stop looking for temple, sun and moon pages" to stop receiving them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After completing the miniquest, as well as having used the temple coin on the Stone Relief, the player will be able to inform the Knight of Varlamore about the Forthos Dungeon. Once doing so, he will travel to the Altar of the Sun within the dungeon, as he claims the temple may be of help in his mission.