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Inaccessible areas are locations that, although existing ingame, cannot currently be accessed by players. Some are visible on the World map, while others can only be seen ingame by using an Orb of oculus.

These locations exist for a variety of reasons. Some are areas that were previously accessible but were closed off before August 2007, others are placeholders or hints for potential future content releases, while some are debug areas not normally supposed to be seen by players.

Map Image Location Info
Galarpos Mountains (Inaccessible Area).png Galarpos Mountains The mountains between Kandarin and Isafdar, that are impassable and can only be crossed via the overpass or the Underground Pass. They feature nothing except Mountains and multiple dead trees.
West of Tree Gnome Stronghold (Inaccessible Area).png Mountains west of Gnome Stronghold Originally in RuneScape 2, Jagex tried to prevent players ever seeing the edge of the world, by placing inaccessible and mostly empty mapsquares around everything. This idea was given up in late 2004, but some remained, including these mountains west of the Gnome Stronghold that are empty except for some hills and dead trees.
North of Tree Gnome Stronghold (Inaccessible Area).png North of Gnome Stronghold Another area that was added to hide the edge of the world. Originally, the land extended much further north. A partially accessible copy of the area was added with Monkey Madness II, but the original remains inaccessible.
North East of Duel Arena (Inaccessible Area).png North-east of the Duel Arena A plateau to the north east of the Duel Arena, that features a mixture of sand and grass. The top of the hill is flat and completely empty.
Realms (Inaccessible Area).png Realms Another area that was added to hide the edge of the world. This is a very large completely empty area in between the two Fisher Realms.
Skavid Cave (Inaccessible Area).png Skavid Caves Historically, if the player attempted to enter the Skavid Caves with a Skavid map but without a light source, they would end up in a very large dark cave that was empty except for a few Rats. The cave had no exits, and the only way to escape was to search some rocks. As this feature was confusing to players, it was removed with the rework of the Watchtower quest on 5 December 2006, and the cave has been inaccessible since. However, it could be briefly accessed in 2013 during the Goblin invasion event.
Ardougne Sewers (Inaccessible Area).png West of Ardougne Sewers A segment of the Western Ardougne Sewers that is inaccessible. In RuneScape Classic, this served as the entrance to the sewers where Clivet could be found. However, with the transition to RuneScape 2, the entrance was moved further down the stream. This area has been inaccessible since. Despite this, the ladder is still programmed to transport the player and would place them next to the spirit tree near the Battlefield.
King Black Dragon lair (Inaccessible Area).png King Black Dragon Lair The original lair of the King Black Dragon, that could be found near the Temple of Ikov. As players were able to safespot the Dragon, a new lair was added on 26 April 2005, and this area has been inaccessible since. The Dragon could still be seen wandering around the area for a while afterwards.
Troll cave (Inaccessible Area).png Troll cave An unused cave that was released with the Troll Stronghold quest. It contains nothing except a few crates, and the whole area has been flagged to prevent players from walking around inside it. Bizarrely, the cave's exit has been removed.
South of Lletya (Inaccessible Area).png Between Lletya and Poison Waste Another area that was added to hide the edge of the world. Large mountains can be seen south of Lletya – aside from this, the area is empty except for some hills and dead trees.
Burthorpe Games Room (Inaccessible Area).png Parts of the Burthorpe Games Room Eight of the rooms in the Burthorpe Games Room are currently inaccessible. They contain nothing except crates, stacked barrels, and bookshelves. Five games were planned for these rooms but were ultimately never added; Warships, Chess, Go, Backgammon, and SlimeWars.
Here be penguins (Inaccessible Area).png Here be penguins An icy island to the north of Etceteria, that was added as a teaser for the future release of the Ice lands. It is inhabited by 26 level 3 Penguins. On 6 June 2006, the Macaroni Penguin was added too, along with a label on the world map.
Island south of Miscellania (Inaccessible Area).png Island south of Miscellania A grassy island that was added alongside Miscellania. Unlike the penguin island, this is completely empty and cannot be walked on.
Monkey Madness I cutscenes (Inaccessible Area).png Monkey Madness I cutscenes The cutscenes during Monkey Madness I take place in inaccessible copies of the Shipyard and Banana plantation. Notably, these are different from the normal areas as they were not updated. The Shipyard lacks the Charter Ship platform, while the Banana Plantation is missing the trapdoors and the entrance to Bonzara that was added in February 2005.
Smoke Dungeon (Inaccessible Area).png Smoke Dungeon Two floors above the Smoke Dungeon, a smaller copy of the entrance can be found. This version is dark containing no lava, and strangely features a ladder instead of a rope. It is possible that originally a light source was required to enter the dungeon, and the player would appear in this dark room if they tried to enter without one.
Menaphos (Inaccessible Area).png Menaphos The sister city of Sophanem, that is closed off to outsiders due to the plague. Although player can cross the bridge, entry is blocked by two Menaphite guards. Aside from that and some trees, the city is currently completely empty.
Drill Demon north-west area.png Drill Demon The Drill Demon random event takes place in a much larger boot camp, featuring three military tents containing beds and wardrobes, a medical bay, some archery targets, munitions storage, and an obstacle course. Originally, players could explore the whole area; however it proved too confusing to new players. The event was taken out of the game in 2006, and re-added on 13 March 2007 but with the rest of the map blocked off.
Random events (Inaccessible Area).png Beekeeper, Pinball, Gravedigger Three random events, and previously the Candlelight random event, are located in this mapsquare. It is inaccessible to players as an instance is only created from the template that is needed.
POH template (Inaccessible Area).png Player-owned houses This inaccessible area features every single possible room in a player-owned house, stacked over 4 floors. A player's actual house is constructed by piecing parts of this template together.
Castle Drakan (Inaccessible Area).png Castle Drakan The castle in the west of Darkmeyer is home to Lord Drakan. During Darkness of Hallowvale, players see the area in the back, containing some fountains, benches, and plants. The castle as a whole is inaccessible, but the courtyard is briefly accessed during Sins of the Father.
Jail (Inaccessible Area).png Jail While the jail under Keep Le Faye visited during the King's Ransom quest has several other cells, a corridor, and a ladder to escape, only the cell the player is in can be explored. Renegade knights can be seen patrolling the corridor.
ScapeRune The Prison Pete event takes place in ScapeRune, an inverted version of the Falador Party Room. Several other features are present here, including two houses and the house of Wyson the gardener. The Anti-Santa could previously be seen in one of the houses, and was briefly visited during the 2019 Christmas event, but was removed after this.
Underwater GWD in game.png God Wars Dungeon South of Saradomin's Encampment, an underwater cavern could be seen by players. Originally, it was meant to be an underwater section of Zamorak's Fortress; however, it was scrapped during development and players now swim directly to the fortress. Several objects could be seen in the cave, including sunken boats, carcasses, and dead Fremenniks. The area was deleted and replaced by the Ancient Prison on 16 December 2021.
Pen (Inaccessible Area).png Pen An empty pen that is located north of the Tortoise Pen in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Historically, various community streams ran by Jagex Moderators would take place here. The pen was added on 1 May 2014 following an incident where Kree'arra was able to attack players spectating from the Tortoise Pen, resulting in many deaths and loss of valuables.
Kruk's Dungeon (Inaccessible Area).png Kruk's Dungeon Kruk's Dungeon, visited during Monkey Madness II, originally was planned to have a third possible route. It featured tripwires, floor spikes, dart traps, spinning blades, three doors, and three chests that would have presumably contained the unused item Combat scarred key. Kineer from the Catacombs of Kourend is located in the central room, and has unique dialogue when talked to.
Basalt Rocks (Inaccessible Area).png Basalt Rocks An area south-west of Mount Quidamortem that was inaccessible. It contains a large number of Basalt rocks and a giant cave entrance, alongside a Carcass and an odd formation in the sea. Its purpose is currently unknown.
North of Lovakengj (Inaccessible Area).png North of Lovakengj A strange formation of a boulder and some trees can be seen north of Lovakengj and west of the Settlement Ruins. It may be related to the Zarosian symbol that can be seen north of the ruins.
River of Souls (Inaccessible Area).png River of Souls The River of Souls is a river of ectoplasm that carries the souls of the dead; they are drawn to the river by the Soul Altar. The source of the River appears to be a mountain east of the Fishing Hamlet, surrounded by several bright crystals. Currently, it is unreachable by players.
Champion Statue (Inaccessible Area).png Champion Statue To the far east of the Soul Altar, a mysterious area exists. A Champion Statue (the same used to enter the arena in Champion's Challenge) is surrounded by three Frozen warriors, all protected by a spear wall. Curiously, the boat belonging to Larry is moored just to the south.
Kebos Swamp (Inaccessible Area).png Kebos Swamp Most of the Kebos Swamp is still inaccessible to players. Several unreachable islands in the swamp exist, featuring Lizardmen and Lizardman Brutes.
Wilderness Wars lobby This area was used as the waiting lobby for the Wilderness Wars event in 2017. An NPC called Recruiter could be found in the unnumbered room, and remains there to this day. Each room corresponded to the waiting area for each clan leader's team:
  1. Torvesta
  2. B0aty
  3. Sick Nerd
  4. Knightenator
  5. Mmorpgrs
Fossil Island 1 (Inaccessible Area).png Fossil Island One of the inaccessible islands surrounding Fossil Island. This island is empty except for some Dead trees and Skrooms.
Fossil Island 2 (Inaccessible Area).png Fossil Island One of the inaccessible islands surrounding Fossil Island. Most of the features on the island are references to the film Cast Away. Aside from Wilhelm, a reference to the famous Pet Volleyball, some crates, a broken log raft, and some fire remains can be seen; these each reference scenes from the film.
Fossil Island One of the inaccessible islands surrounding Fossil Island. This island is empty except for some tall grass and Jungle trees.
Fossil Island 4 (Inaccessible Area).png Fossil Island One of the inaccessible islands surrounding Fossil Island. This island features a grave, which curiously is the same type as the Unmarked Grave and those in the Graveyard of Heroes. Aside from this, some jungle trees and mossy rocks can be found.
Fossil Island One of the inaccessible islands surrounding Fossil Island. This island is empty except for some Evergreen trees, plants, and mossy rocks.
Fossil Island One of the inaccessible islands surrounding Fossil Island. This island features a unique barricade, which can only be found elsewhere blocking the entrance to Jiggig. Some mossy rocks and tropical trees can also be found.
Deadman Finals This area was used for the Seasonal Deadman finals of Winter 2017 and Autumn 2018. Dark warriors, Ankous, and Skeletons could be seen walking around the map, and remain there to this day.
QoL Improvements & Deadman Permadeath Beta (1).png Deadman Finals This area was used for the Seasonal Deadman finals of Spring 2018, Spring 2019, and Summer 2019. Moss giants, Moss warriors, and Skeletons could be seen walking around the map, and remain there to this day.
West of Icyene Graveyard (Inaccessible Area).png West of Icyene Graveyard To the west of the Icyene Graveyard, an inaccessible forest can be seen. The river passes through Ver Sinhaza.
Theatre of Blood Changes & Deadman Summer Finals (7).png Deadman Finals This area was used for the Seasonal Deadman finals of Summer 2018. Fire giants, Mummies, and Warriors of Murahs could be seen walking around the map, and remain there to this day.
Weiss inaccessible hunter area.png Weiss hunter area South of Weiss, a valley can be seen that contains numerous boulders used for setting deadfall traps in the Hunter skill. Although there are currently no NPCs there, this may hint at a future expansion of Hunting in this area.
Ghorrock.png Ghorrock East of Weiss, a large abandoned fortress can be seen with several doors. In RuneScape, this is the abandoned Zarosian fortress of Ghorrock. Currently, it is uninhabited except for a single Weiss squirrel. To the south, an Old Shrine can be seen, which is in fact the ritual marker used by the Mahjarrat in their Ritual of Rejuvenation.
The Collection Log and Deadman Permadeath Beta (4).png Deadman Finals This area was used for the Seasonal Deadman finals of Winter 2018. Ice giants, and Skeletons could be seen walking around the map, and remain there to this day.
All Stars Tournament This area was used for the All Stars: PvP Championship finals in November 2018. It contained four small arenas. The Realm of Memories accessible during the 20th Anniversary event was a copy of the area, with some changes.
Underground Pass cave (Inaccessible Area).png Underground Pass A small unused cave that can be found in the Underground Pass, and was added with the release of Song of the Elves. Although it is meant to be an area where players land after falling through a trap in the Underground Pass, there are no traps that actually lead there. It is entirely empty except for a Pile of rocks, which are the same as those used to escape the cave underneath the bog.
Gauntlet template (Inaccessible Area).png The Gauntlet Similar to player-owned houses, every possible room that can be encountered during The Gauntlet is in this location. The actual dungeons faced by players are pieced together using these templates.
Ferox Enclave (Inaccessible Area).png Ferox Enclave Dungeon Most of the Ferox Enclave Dungeon is currently inaccessible; however, the lobbies of several other minigames can be seen. The ruined entrance to Fist of Guthix can be seen, as well as a tent and platform that resemble the lobby of Stealing Creation.
Hosidius Dungeon (Inaccessible Area).png Hosidius Dungeon A dungeon underneath Hosidius that was added with the re-release of Phosani's Nightmare. It is empty except for a rack, some crates, chains, and some unique barrels normally only located in Barbarian areas. The ladder transports the player to some trees just north of the Woodcutting Guild.
Misthalin Manor The kitchen in Misthalin Manor that features in the Misthalin Mystery quest. There is a Bandos godsword on a table. Despite having a couple of doors to the kitchen, it is completely inaccessible to players. Attempting to open the eastern door to the kitchen produces the message "The door is securely locked.".

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