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Insela was a member of the Sisterhood, a ballistics expert, and one of Phosani's closest companions. When the kingdom of Hallowvale fell to Lord Drakan's forces in Third Age, Insela, along with Phosani and Otrava, swore allegiance to Zamorak and the vampyres and handed over their remaining squadrons to the invaders. Insela followed Phosani in founding the town that would later be known as Slepe in east Morytania. Insela most likely wrote the Explosive discovery, after discovering a volatile gourd that could be used as an explosive if blood was added to it. Insela supposedly also drank the Elixir of Everlasting like Phosani to extend her life, but succumbed to the same eternal slumber as her, and Insela's body was supposedly taken into the Sisterhood Sanctuary.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Insela" is a Romanian word meaning "cheating" or "deceiving", possibly a reference to Insela's (and her companions') betrayal of their squadron and Saradomin.