Invasion of Avarrocka

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The Invasion of Avarrocka was an attack against Avarrocka led by Zemouregal, a Zamorakian Mahjarrat necromancer. Zemouregal sought the Shield of arrav, a powerful shield made by the Imcando dwarves.

The invasion happened in the 4th Age sometime between the years 700 and 800, on the lands now called Varrock.[1] The battle between Zemouregal's undead army and Avarrocka knights resulted in the defeat of the invaders. The incursion was successfully stopped by the mighty hero Arrav and the grandson of one of the city's elders[2] with the help of Arrav's legendary shield, at the cost of Arrav's life. [3]

Zemouregal retreated after his defeat, but when retreating took Arrav, now undead, with him.[4]

An account of the battle is given in its entirety in the The Legend of Arrav.

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