Iorwerth Dungeon

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The Iorwerth Dungeon is a dungeon found in Prifddinas' Iorwerth district in the south-west part of the city, used by the Iorwerth Clan for training. Players have access to the dungeon after the completion of Song of the Elves quest; Konar quo Maten will also begin to be able to assign them to slay monsters in the dungeon.

The dungeon consists of numerous rooms which contain a variety Slayer monsters. The monsters in the dungeon do not require players to be on a Slayer task to be killed. A dwarf multicannon can be used in the dungeon, however, the whole dungeon is single-way combat. Also, kurask are immune to damage from a dwarf multicannon.

Monsters in the dungeon have a chance of dropping crystal shards upon death.

Morvran can be found by the dungeon's exit.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Shortcuts[edit | edit source]

The dungeon features two shortcuts, providing quick access to dark beasts, and travel between the nechryaels and bloodvelds.

Level Location XP
78 Agility icon.png Northern Tight Gap
84 Agility icon.png Southern Tight Gap

Music[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Music track
Sharp End of the Crystal Unlocked upon entering the Iorwerth Dungeon.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
22 August 2019
(update | poll)
Bloodvelds and Nechryaels have been replaced by their Mutated and Greater versions.