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Construction[edit | edit source]

You get construction xp from wintertodt if you own a house while repairing the braziers. The xp gained from this is level dependant so it's worth it to train some construction beforehand.

1-15: Picking up regular planks at Barbarian assault + Tower of Life quest

15-50: Oak planks

50-99: 1.5t teaks (fossil island) + mythical cape mounted. This is still best even if you afk the teaks. You can also do teak benches for a bit if you need con but haven't done ds2, but they give less xp per plank than mythical capes, so try to avoid it

Training the skill itself is no different than normal, however one will need to collect a mass amount of logs for making planks.

Construction costs: This assumes logs > sending to sawmill with butler > and then when constructing, un-noting with butler. Also assumes that you're paying for logs to planks 26 logs at a time, and when constructing, Un-noting / receiving from bank 24 planks at a time. (Butler costs 10k per 8 trips regardless of how many items you request / send) Myth capes are 4.864GP per XP Other teak products in your poh are 6.666 GP per XP Any Mahogany products in your poh are 11.428 GP per XP

Making planks using the butler 7k+ planks/hr. Tele house, call butler with house options, make planks, tele to bank, repeat. The butler will take the planks to your bank since you arent in the house when he wants to hand you them. The best bank to use is Camelot tele on a PvP world

Tips: Sometimes the butler will be waiting for you at your house, having not taken the planks to your bank. This has to do with your house instance not closing, the amount this happens can be reduced by using a higher population world, this is because the instance will close quicker. If you find yourself in this situation you can manually use a log from your inventory on him, this will make him send the planks he's holding to your bank while taking your logs to the sawmill. You should have a house layout that loads in 2 ticks while doing this method. If you find the butler getting stuck on the portal, you can also plant reeds.

Mounted myth capes - 430k xp/hr. The best use of teak planks. This method provides more con xp per teak plank than other furniture (123 compared to 90). This method can be a bit annoying as you’re unable to drop items in building mode, meaning you can’t remove the mounted myth cape if your butler delivers an inventory full of planks to you while it’s still mounted. To help with this, you should have an equipable item in your inventory so you're able to equip it and then remove the myth cape.

Mahogany Homes - 240k~ Construction/HR. Mahogany homes are an alternative Construction training method that is more interactive and offers you more xp per plank (364xp per plank), but is a lot slower than building Mahogany Tables. If you have Myth Cape racks unlocked, Teak Planks are not worth using at Mahogany Homes.

This method requires you to teleport around Gielinor and rebuild the furniture of the citizens inhabiting various cities. There are 12 houses spread over Varrock, Falador, East Ardougne and Hosidius. All cities contain 3 possible houses to refurnish, and a house requires on average 13 planks to complete. Some furniture requires a steel bar, this is why you bring 2/3 steel bars. If you have a Diary Cape, it is slightly faster to teleport with the Diary Cape to Sarah (Toby) and Ross (Two-pints) It is recommended to put your House in Hosidius, this is because the house of Barbara is close to the house portal. Charged Ring of Wealths are recommended, as the teleport to Falador Park is a bit faster than the spellbook teleport. If you have a limited amount of RoW's, it's recommended to use fally teleport. Fill your rune pouch with teleport to Varrock/House/Camelot runes, and have a charged Xeric's Talisman equipped for Hosidius contracts. Ideally you should only use the bank in East Falador when you have a contract in Falador, and the bank in Hosidius when you have a contract at one of the two north houses (you use teleport to house for the south house). If you run out of supplies before reaching one of these banks, bank at Seers. You should buy the sack as soon as possible, and then get the outfit pieces.

Fast house loading: 2 ticks is the least amount of time your POH is able to load in, and 4x4 is the maximum size it can be with the minimum load time. You're visiting your house constantly on ironman, so over the long run setting your house up like this is going to save a lot of time. You can have a smaller house, but 4 is the max width/length. There are many efficient room layouts, put key rooms that you use often near the centre. Delete any upstairs/downstairs rooms: Open the house viewer and ensure that the bottom right section has 'dungeon' and 'upstairs' greyed out. You may not know you have an upstairs/dungeon area because they're able to exist without you having any stairs in your house. If you do have upstairs/downstairs rooms be sure to delete them, as they'll always increase your load time. Check how much green area there is around your house: there shouldn't be more than a rooms size of green surrounding your 4x4 layout if it worked. If there's too much green around your house: use the house viewer to move every room in your house 1 tile south west, it's a tedious process but seems to always fix the issue.

Early levels can be bypassed if Wintertodt is played to a high Firemaking level. Be sure that a house has been purchased and Construction trained to 20 (to maximise experience) before doing Wintertodt, as otherwise no Construction experience is received from repairing braziers (4x player's Construction level). If Wintertodt is not the training method of choice, collect planks in the Barbarian Outpost east of the Barbarian Assault until 16 Construction for making Crafting table 1's. Nails can be bought from the sawmill operator in the Lumberyard.

Once access to Managing Miscellania has been obtained, it is strongly advised to put 5 workers on teak or mahogany woodcutting when maple logs aren't necessary for Fletching training. Mahogany is faster but more expensive, teak is only recommended if the player wants to save money on Construction training.

High-level players can get Construction supplies from the Chambers of Xeric, Zulrah and Callisto.

Method Requirements Items needed Procedure
All planks

(PVP world & Teleport to House)

Magic 45 Magic


Oak, Teak or Mahogany logs

Coins Runes for Teleport to House and Camelot Teleport

In a PVP world, teleport to Camelot to bank (a bank chest will be next to the spawn - this is a safe zone). Grab logs of choice, then Teleport to House. Give the Butler logs to take to the sawmill, then teleport back to Camelot to repeat the process. The butler will automatically bank the planks.

This is the fastest method of converting banked logs into planks, with the downside of the added cost of paying the butler for their services.

Oak plank (Woodcutting Guild) Woodcutting 60

75% Hosidius favour

Axe and coins Cut oak trees in the eastern side of the Woodcutting Guild. After a full inventory of oak logs, convert them into planks in the sawmill and deposit them in the nearby bank deposit box.
Oak plank (Balloon method) Woodcutting 30 (Woodcutting 41+ recommended)

Firemaking 40

Completion of Enlightened Journey

Axe and coins

Rings of dueling

Looting bag

Starting at Castle Wars, take the balloon to Varrock Lumber Yard via the balloon. Cut the trees to turn into planks until a full inventory is obtained. Pay the Sawmill operator to cut the logs into planks. Head north into the Wilderness to fill the loot bag with planks. Exit the Wilderness to repeat the process until the loot bag and the players inventory are full, then travel back to Castle Wars with a ring of dueling. If one has Firemaking 60 and Woodcutting 60 , cut the Yew trees south of the Lumber Yard and take the balloon back to Castle Wars, which conserves the likely limited number of rings of dueling one possesses.
Oak plank (Rimmington) Woodcutting 15 (Woodcutting 41+ recommended)

Construction 50

Axe and coins Move the players POH to Rimmington, and cut oak trees north-east of the house portal. After a full inventory of oak logs, go into the POH, call the demon butler and send him to the sawmill. Exit the house and the butler will automatically send the planks to the bank.

The process can be made slightly faster by using tick manipulation, however this is slightly more expensive due to the butler costs (as fewer logs are deposited per trip) and requires significantly more effort.

Teak plank (Ape Atoll) Woodcutting 35 (Woodcutting 61+ recommended)

Construction 67

Magic 90 Magic

60% Arceuus favour

Completion of Monkey Madness I

Axe and coins

Runes for Ape Atoll Teleport spell

Teleport to house tablets

A monkey greegree if Monkey Madness II hasn't been completed

Teleport to Ape Atoll dungeon, climb up to the surface and there are teak trees nearby in the east. After a full inventory of logs, break a house teleport tablet, call a demon butler and send him to the sawmill. Teleport back to Ape Atoll, and the butler will automatically send the planks to the bank. If Monkey Madness II is not completed, one will need to wear a greegree when cutting the logs and unequip it before teleporting to the POH.

The process can be made slightly faster by using tick manipulation, however this is slightly more expensive due to the butler costs (as fewer logs are deposited per trip) and requires significantly more effort.

Mahogany plank (Fossil Island) Woodcutting 50 (Woodcutting 61+ recommended)

Farming 55

Agility 70 for the shortcut

Construction 70 for the revitalisation pool

Completion of Bone Voyage

Completion of hard tasks in the Kandarin Diary (recommended)

Axe and coins

Knife and a teak log for tick manipulation

Runes for Teleport to House and Camelot Teleport

Digsite pendants

Teleport to the Digsite with the Digsite pendant, run east, quick-travel to Fossil Island and use the agility shortcut to the hardwood patches. Cut mahogany trees using the 1.5-tick method of tick manipulation until a full inventory of logs is obtained. Teleport to House, call a demon butler and send him to the sawmill. Use the pool for run energy restoration if needed and teleport back to the Digsite. When the players Digsite pendant has only one charge left, teleport to a bank after sending the butler to a sawmill, grab a fully charged one and teleport to the Digsite.

This is the fastest method for banking Construction; at 99 Woodcutting and with good performance it is possible to get up to 110,000 Woodcutting and 120,000 banked Construction experience per hour. The method also works for teak, but mahogany is faster overall since more Construction experience is banked per trip and using mahogany planks for Construction training is faster than teaks.

Alternatively, one can simply bank the logs at the museum camp, but one will have to plankmake the logs later and use stamina potions.

At 47 Construction, mounted mythical capes become available with the completion of Dragon Slayer II which significantly reduces the amount of teak planks needed for levelling. Constructing mounted mythical capes brings the experience per plank to 123 rather than 90 for teaks, because of the bonus 100 experience for using the mythical cape.

Once Song of the Elves is completed, one can cut teak trees in Prifddinas and use the nearby sawmill to make planks.