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Magic training for ironmen is similar to normal training, but with a heavier emphasis on Slayer Slayer, conservation of runes, and value of drops.

Early training: Quests[edit | edit source]

Early levels can be skipped by completing quests rewarding Magic experience. The following quests have minimal requirements and reward enough experience to get to level 17 magic, unlocking fire strike.

Fastest experience[edit | edit source]

Levels 1–99: Strike spells[edit | edit source]

AFK combat training on your phone when you’re otherwise not playing (0 time) can be greatly beneficial to training Magic.

Cast strike spells on various monsters and quest bosses for the early levels. Players can make the money for the runes by collecting the 10,000 coins from the Stronghold of Security, subduing Wintertodt, training Thieving or doing Agility Pyramid.

Levels 43–55: Superheating[edit | edit source]

From level 43 to 55, cast Superheat Item to make gold ore into gold bars, or iron ore into iron bars for both Magic and Smithing experience. This requires a significant number of nature runes and is very expensive, however.

Levels 55–99: Bursting, bossing and slaying[edit | edit source]

At higher levels, Magic experience is gained passively from using burst/barrage spells on various Slayer tasks, teleporting, casting High Level Alchemy, using lunar spells, reanimating ensouled heads, killing Zulrah, etc.

Other methods[edit | edit source]

Early training: Arceuus Library[edit | edit source]

Main article: Arceuus Library

Another training option for lower levels is to find books for the customers in the Arceuus Library. Each book turned in grants 11 times the current Magic level in experience. This requires marking the locations of books. Collect as many books as possible, and turn them in by speaking with the customers. Keep talking to the customers until they request a book not possessed and pick up all the books found along the way. Players can gain up to 30,000 free Magic experience per hour at around level 45 using this method. If done correctly, this can be one of the fastest methods of gaining free Magic experience.

Level 55+: High Level Alchemy[edit | edit source]

At level 55, cast High Level Alchemy on various items, such as unstrung maple longbows (maple logs can be obtained from Managing Miscellania), gold bracelets or gold bars, battlestaves and monster drops.

Level 33+: Mage Training Arena[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mage Training Arena

You'll get around 127k magic xp getting Bones to Peaches from MTA. You can start this at 33 and do telekinetic grab until 55 for alching then enchant and graveyard etc.

Some Magic experience can also be gained in the Mage Training Arena when unlocking Bones to Peaches. Players may also want to obtain infinity boots, and optionally a master wand and mage's book too. It is recommended to have at least level 57 Magic for the Lvl-4 Enchant spell (preferably level 68 Magic for the Lvl-5 Enchant) before doing the enchantment room. This will require a sizable amount of nature, cosmic and law runes, however.

Commonly used magic shops[edit | edit source]