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Melee skills[edit | edit source]

Attack/Strength 1-99

AFK combat training on your phone when you’re otherwise not playing (0 time) can be beneficial to Slayer. You should quest as many of the early levels as possible.

Attack 1-42+: Waterfall Quest, Vampyre Slayer, Tree Gnome Village, The Grand Tree, Dragon Slayer Strength 1-30: Waterfall quest, Dragon Slayer, Haunted Mine

1.3m strength xp from barb fishing, do this any time, better at lower levels

Attack/Strength Until 99: Slayer / NMZ

Defence 1-99

You should quest as many of the early levels as possible

1-31: Holy Grail, Dragon slayer

Until 99: Slayer / NMZ

AFK combat training on your phone when you’re otherwise not playing (0 time) can be beneficial to Slayer.

Using NMZ when AFK or before sleep it is possible to get around 85k xp/hour using either obsidian or bandos. NMZ setup use any 5 of these Normal Rumble (customizable) Count Draynor Me The Kendal Khazard Warlord King Roald Tree Spirit Sand Snake

In terms of xp per hour the best setups are, in order: Obsidian with avernic defender, Bandos with avernic defender, Obsidian with DFS. In terms of length of trip the best setups are, in order, note that any setup can be extended to 6 hours through the use of rock cake/locator orb: Bandos with avernic defender, Obsidian with DFS, Obsidian with avernic defender.

Ammonite or sand crabs are a lower level NMZ alternative. You should use ammonite crabs if possible, otherwise use sand crabs. Extremely similar to NMZ. The only difference is you're going to need to reagro. Use the best gear available to you for whatever combat style you're using. Runelites 'NPC Aggression Timer' plugin is extremely helpful here You should use ammonite crabs if possible, otherwise use sand crabs. To start off, complete quests which give a lot of experience in melee skills, such as Waterfall Quest, Death Plateau, Fight Arena, Vampyre Slayer, Witch's House, Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree. All of the bosses in these quests can be safespotted and easily defeated with Magic.

Hardcore ironman chat badge.png It is advised for Hardcore Ironmen to train their Hitpoints higher before attempting to do any of the quests mentioned above. Kill low-level monsters with strike spells until reaching a comfortable Hitpoints level, after that complete Witch's House and continue with other quests.

Barbarian Fishing gives small amounts of passive Strength experience in addition to Fishing and Agility experience. It is best to get this passive experience from Fishing before doing a lot of Melee training, as the passive Strength experience has a much bigger benefit at lower levels than higher.

Ammonite Crabs on Fossil Island are the best option for early Melee training. They have relatively high Hitpoints, low offensive and defensive stats which makes them ideal for low-level training with little to no food required, and they also drop fossils. They are also aggressive for 10 minutes when walked by, making it easy to stand near crabs and stay in combat for long periods of time without any player input, allowing for long, consistent training sessions with minimal attention needed. Sand crabs in Hosidius are an alternative with no requirements, but they have lower Hitpoints and are usually much more crowded.

Once players have decent Melee stats and have attained reasonable equipment, most of the Melee experience should be trained through Slayer. A lot of powerful items are locked behind Slayer levels for Ironmen, such as the abyssal whip, dragon boots, occult necklace and trident of the seas.

At higher levels, melee stats can also be trained in the Nightmare Zone. Using normal customisable rumble with absorption potions offers a very straightforward and the most afkable way of training melee stats in the game, allowing the player to stay in combat for 20 minutes without any player input. However, Nightmare Zone dreams require a coin fee to start and they do not give any useful drops.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Helm of neitiznot.png
Fire cape.png
Amulet of glory.png
Dragon scimitar.png
Fighter torso.png
Dragon defender.png
Obsidian platelegs.png
Barrows gloves.png
Climbing boots.png

General-purpose melee weapons:

Weapons with specific uses, or weapons used solely for their special attacks: