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Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

Lower levels are best trained simultaneously with Firemaking. Complete Monk's Friend to get from level 1 to level 13. Getting at least level 60 Woodcutting from Firemaking training is recommended, as players can simply buy a better axe from the Woodcutting Guild and do not have to spend time killing monsters for one.

At higher levels, bank the logs necessary for Construction training. Otherwise the skill is trained as normal.

Finding axe upgrades at each Woodcutting milestone is the largest challenge of training the skill. Players who have access to the fairy rings can use code bkq and safespot tree spirits for axe drops up to and including rune. Alternatively, players can use a steel axe until level 60 Woodcutting and then purchase a rune axe from the Woodcutting Guild, assuming they have at least 75% Hosidius favour. A dragon axe can only be obtained as a rare drop from one of the Dagannoth Kings, or as a very rare reward from a Wintertodt supply crate.

Teaks: Teleport to your house and use your servant to make planks. After sending him off, use mounted digsite pendant to get back to teaks. You can also do 3t/afk teaks on Ape atoll if you prefer, you may have to deal with crashers but it's a shorter run than fossil island. Monkey Madness II makes the monsters unaggressive here, otherwise you'll need a greegree, use the Ape Atoll Teleport on he Arceuus spellbook to get there or a house portal.

Sulliuscep woodcutting - 100-110k xp/hr. As the fastest way to obtain fossils if people are looking to complete their museum or just want semi-afk exp/hr you can equip your best range defense if you don't want to pay minimal attention. You are UNABLE to pray against the tar monster, but with it dealing range damage you can equip your best range def bonuses. The route is fixed and different for each person, so if you see someone chopping the same mushroom with you, it shouldn’t affect you. So if you can’t find it when you first teleport there, check the other numbers on where it is then start the route from there. Bringing 10 mushrooms to fill the mudpit at the start allows you to safely travel from 6→1 without taking any damage. This is always recommended due to the fact you can take upwards of 50 damage.

Redwoods - 60k+ xp/hr. AFK method of training woodcutting, very easy to do on your phone or while playing other games. You can also cut your personal redwood in the farming guild, but it's slightly worse xp/hr since there's no invisible boost from being in the woodcutting guild. Get to redwoods either through a xeric's talisman to the lookout, Radas' blessing to the woodland, or a skills necklace.

Levels Method Notes
1-15 Regular trees + Monk's Friend Burn the logs for Firemaking xp.
15-35 Oak trees Burn the logs for Firemaking xp.
??-60 Wintertodt Requires Firemaking 50 .

At Woodcutting 60 you're able to buy a Rune Axe from the Woodcutting Guild.

35-99 Teak trees With tick manipulation, they are the fastest Woodcutting training method in the game.

Without tick manipulation, Sulliusceps become better xp/hr at Woodcutting 65 .

65-99 Sulliusceps The fastest way to obtain fossils, also gives a small amount of mort myre fungi instead of logs.

Bring 10 mushrooms to fill the mudpit at the start of the route allows you to travel back without taking any damage.

90-99 Redwoods Very AFK friendly.