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The Old School RuneScape team, celebrating the launch of Twisted League.
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Jagex Moderators, also known as Staff Moderators, Jagex Mods, JMods, or admins, are employees working for Jagex Ltd. Jagex Moderator accounts are only used for work purposes such as play-testing, debugging, and dealing with in-game situations.

Jagex Moderators also have access to certain tools to aid in community events or quality assurance that players do not have access to, such as the rotten potato, egg, cabbage, carrot, and strawberry. For security, employees can only login to a Jagex Moderator account while connected to a designated server. A selection of Moderators often appear on the weekly Old School RuneScape live stream where they discuss recent events, answer player-submitted questions, and show off upcoming updates.

Jagex Moderator accounts will always have a gold crown (Jagex moderator emblem.png) beside their name when talking in public and private game chat and a gold background when posting on the forums. Jagex Moderator usernames will always begin with "Mod" with the exception of Paul, Ian, and Andrew, the creators of RuneScape. Additionally, Jagex has also made it so that players' names cannot begin or have the word 'Mod' in their name to prevent confusion and potential scamming among players (i.e. Rule 5, which is Jagex staff impersonation).

Team composition[edit | edit source]

Leadership[edit | edit source]

The Leadership team is responsible for providing guidance, direction, and coordination to the other teams and Old School RuneScape as a whole.

Name Image Title
Mod Fed Mod Fed.jpg QA Manager
Mod Jndr Placeholder.png Lead Producer
Mod John C Mod John C.jpg Product Manager
Mod Kieren Mod Kieren.jpg Associate Design Director

The Wardens[edit | edit source]

The Wardens are responsible for creating larger pieces of content aimed to retain and entertain existing players, as well as attract new players.

The team is currently led by Mod Ed.

Name Image Title
Mod Arcane Mod Arcane.jpg Senior Content Developer
Mod Curse Mod Curse.jpg Senior QA Analyst
Mod Daizong Placeholder.png Senior Systems Designer
Mod Dylan Placeholder.png Senior Content Developer
Mod Ed Mod Ed.jpg Senior Content Developer
(Wardens Lead)
Mod Halo Mod Halo.jpg Content Developer
Mod Moogle Placeholder.png QA Analyst
Mod Mack Mod Mack.jpg Junior Content Developer

The Unknown[edit | edit source]

The Unknown are responsible for refining the game's client features.

The team is currently led by Mod Lenny.

Name Image Title
Mod Gecko Placeholder.png QA Analyst
Mod Lenny Mod Lenny.jpg Senior Content Developer
(Unknown Lead)
Mod Squid Mod Squid.jpg Content Developer
Mod Tide Mod Tide.jpg Content Developer
Mod Wolfy Mod Wolfy.jpg QA Lead

The Operators[edit | edit source]

The Operators are responsible for delivering quality-of-life updates and responding to what the players want to see; these updates are the ones players will typically see in polls and weekly game updates.

The team is currently led by Mod Maylea.

Name Image Title
Mod Argo Placeholder.png QA Analyst
Mod Kirby Mod Kirby.jpg Junior Content Developer
Mod Havik Placeholder.png Junior Content Developer
Mod Maylea Placeholder.png Content Developer
(Operators Lead)
Mod Roq Mod Roq.jpg Upload Manager

The Juggernauts[edit | edit source]

The Juggernauts are responsible for delivering large group-based game features.

The team is currently led by Mod Ash.

Name Image Title
Mod Ash Mod Ash.jpg Principal Content Developer
(Juggernauts Lead)
Mod Bruno Mod Bruno.jpg QA Analyst
Mod Elena Mod Elena.jpg Content Developer
Mod Husky Mod Husky.jpg Content Developer

Graphics[edit | edit source]

The graphics team provide all visual assets for the game, and are also members of other development teams depending on project commitments.

The team is managed by Mod Deagle, the Associate Art Director.

Name Image Title
Mod Brow Mod Brow.jpg Artist
Mod Ghost Mod Ghost.jpg Animation Artist (freelance)
Mod Grub Mod Grub.jpg Concept Artist
Mod Jerv Mod Jerv.jpg Concept Artist (freelance)
Mod Ry Mod Ry.jpg Artist
Mod Skylark Mod Skylark.jpg Junior Artist
Mod Soffan Mod Soffan.png Character Artist
Mod West Mod West.jpg Artist

Game Engine Tech[edit | edit source]

The game engine team provide the work required for content developers to create content.

The team is led by Mod Vegard, the Lead Game Engine Developer.

Name Image Title
Mod Boko Mod Boko.jpg Game Engine Developer
Mod Dibber Placeholder.png Senior Game Engine Developer
Mod Meat Placeholder.png Game Engine Developer
Mod Morty Placeholder.png Java Game Developer
Mod Nin Placeholder.png Game Engine Developer
Mod Vegard Mod Vegard.jpg Lead Game Engine Developer

Publishing[edit | edit source]

The publishing team are responsible for communicating with the players and act as the conduit for the game's releases, working closely with the development teams based on project commitments.

Name Image Title
Mod Archie Mod Archie.jpg Video Producer
Mod Ayiza Mod Ayiza.jpg Senior Community Manager
Mod Banjo Placeholder.png Editorial Manager
Mod Ditto Placeholder.png Product Analyst
Mod Errol Placeholder.png Junior Copywriter
Mod Goblin Placeholder.png Community Manager
Mod Kandosii Placeholder.png Product Marketing Manager
Mod Light Mod Light.png Community Manager
Mod Nasty Mod Nasty.jpg Product Analyst
Mod Sarnie Mod Sarnie.jpg Community Manager
Mod SteveW Mod SteveW.jpg Customer Support Manager

Former Jagex Moderators[edit | edit source]

Name Image Title
Mod Acorn Mod Acorn.jpg Associate Producer
Mod Alfred Mod Alfred.jpg Artist
Mod Bonsai Mod Bonsai.jpg Executive Producer
Mod Day Mod Day.jpg Junior QA Analyst
Mod Deagle Placeholder.png Associate Art Director
Mod Delta Mod Delta.jpg Content Developer
Mod Flippy Mod Flippy.jpg Content Developer
Mod Gambit Mod Gambit.jpg Community Manager
Mod Gayns Placeholder.png Brand & Product Marketing Executive
Mod Gee Mod Gee.jpg Junior Character Artist
Ian Gower Ian Gower.jpg Game Engine Developer
Mod Impact Placeholder.png Junior Community Manager
Mod Jed Mod Jed.jpg Content Developer
Mod Krista Mod Krista.jpg Content Developer
Mod Kristy Placeholder.png QA Analyst
Mod Lottie Mod Lottie.jpg Senior Product Analyst
Mod Lyric Placeholder.png Project Manager
Mod Mat K Mod Mat K.jpg Senior Product Manager
Mod Maz Placeholder.png Content Developer
Mod Merchant Mod Merchant.jpg Community Manager
Mod MikeD Mod MikeD.jpg Product Director
Mod Munro Mod Munro.jpg Junior Content Developer
Mod Nexus Mod Nexus.jpg Content Developer
Mod Oasis Mod Oasis.jpg Content Developer
Mod Reach Mod Reach.jpg Content Developer
Mod Ronan Mod Ronan.jpg Senior Community Manager
Mod Stone Mod Stone.jpg Product Marketing Manager
Mod Sween Mod Sween.jpg Lead Community Manager
Mod TomH Mod TomH.jpg Lead QA Analyst
Mod Weath Placeholder.png Anti Cheating Specialist
Mod Wolf Mod Wolf.jpg QA Analyst
Mod Zuko Mod Zuko.jpg Junior Content Developer