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Released12 December 2002 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineThey don't look very ripe.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.007 kg
Respawn time30 ticks (18 seconds)
Grand Exchange
Exchange316 coins (info)
Buy limit13,000
Daily volume44,531
Advanced data
Item ID247
Jangerberries detail.png

Jangerberries are a berry used mainly as a secondary ingredient in Herblore. If eaten, they temporarily boost Attack by two and Strength by one, restore one Prayer point, and reduce Defence by one.

According to the book Gielinor's flora - bushes, jangerberries are berries native to Feldip Hills and taste sour and bitter when eaten.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Skill Uses:

  • Jangerberries are used in Herblore to mix Zamorak brews.
  • 5 Jangerberries can be used as payment for snape grass patches.
  • Jangerberries can be used on a compost bin to make supercompost.

Quest Uses:

Products[edit | edit source]

Magic ogre potion.pngMagic ogre potion
Member icon.png
  • Herblore 14
  • Herblore 20
Vial (jangerberries and guam leaf).pngVial (jangerberries and guam leaf)
Member icon.png
  • Herblore 14
  • Herblore 10
Vial (jangerberries).pngVial (jangerberries)
Member icon.png
  • Herblore 14
  • Herblore 0
Zamorak brew(3).pngZamorak brew(3)
Member icon.png
  • Herblore 78
  • Herblore 175

Farming[edit | edit source]

Jangerberries can be grown using Jangerberry seeds with the Farming skill at level 48 Farming. A player can pay the farmer six watermelons to look after the bush. Players will receive 50 experience for planting and 285 experience for checking the bush's health. Players will then get 19 experience for harvesting each Jangerberry; one seed can produce a minimum of 4 berries, with a higher Farming level reducing the chance of using up one of the four "lives" of the patch, much like harvesting herb patches. As with all bushes, the berries will grow back over time.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Alexis24 Multicombat.png12/512
Boris24 Multicombat.png12/512
Borrokar48 Multicombat.png12/512
Eduard24 Multicombat.png12/512
Freidir48 Multicombat.png12/512
Fruit Stall25 Thieving icon.png15/100
Galina24 Multicombat.png12/512
Georgy24 Multicombat.png12/512
Imre24 Multicombat.png12/512
Irina24 Multicombat.png12/512
Jangerberry bush Grown Farming icon.png1Always
Jennella48 Multicombat.png12/512
Joseph24 Multicombat.png12/512
Ksenia24 Multicombat.png12/512
Lanzig48 Multicombat.png12/512
Lensa48 Multicombat.png12/512
Lev24 Multicombat.png12/512
Liliya24 Multicombat.png12/512
Milla24 Multicombat.png12/512
Nikita24 Multicombat.png12/512
Nikolai24 Multicombat.png12/512
Sofiya24 Multicombat.png12/512
Svetlana24 Multicombat.png12/512
Vera24 Multicombat.png12/512
Yadviga24 Multicombat.png12/512
Young impling jarN/A Casket.png11/100
Young impling22; 32 Hunter icon.png11/100
Yuri24 Multicombat.png12/512
Zoja24 Multicombat.png12/512

Spawns[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
Kandarin - island north of Gu'TanothMember icon.png4Maplink