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Jewellery is any item that can be worn in the amulet/necklace equipment slot or the ring equipment slot, plus bracelets which are worn in the glove slot. Jewellery can be enchanted to gain special properties. Unenchanted jewellery is purely decorative. Most jewellery can be made using the Crafting skill. Non-members may only craft, enchant or use amulets up to diamond, and cannot use any functional necklaces or rings. If you have the magic level to enchant jewellery, but not the Crafting level to make it, then see what you can buy at Grum's in Port Sarim.

Normal (unenchanted) jewellery[edit | edit source]

Gold can be crafted into plain rings, necklaces, bracelets, or amulets. A player can also craft gold jewellery together with cut gems such as sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, dragonstone, onyx, and zenyte. Meanwhile silver jewellery can only be crafted with cut opal, jade, or red topaz. Gem jewellery can be enchanted as noted below.

Unenchanted jewellery
Gemstone Ring Necklace Bracelet (m) Amulet
None Gold ring.pngGold Gold necklace.pngGold Gold bracelet.pngGold Gold amulet.pngGold
Opal Opal ring.pngOpal Opal necklace.pngOpal Opal bracelet.pngOpal Opal amulet.pngOpal
Jade Jade ring.pngJade Jade necklace.pngJade Jade bracelet.pngJade Jade amulet.pngJade
Red topaz Topaz ring.pngTopaz Topaz necklace.pngTopaz Topaz bracelet.pngTopaz Topaz amulet.pngTopaz
Sapphire Sapphire ring.pngSapphire Sapphire necklace.pngSapphire Sapphire bracelet.pngSapphire Sapphire amulet.pngSapphire
Emerald Emerald ring.pngEmerald Emerald necklace.pngEmerald Emerald bracelet.pngEmerald Emerald amulet.pngEmerald
Ruby Ruby ring.pngRuby Ruby necklace.pngRuby Ruby bracelet.pngRuby Ruby amulet.pngRuby
Diamond Diamond ring.pngDiamond Diamond necklace.pngDiamond Diamond bracelet.pngDiamond Diamond amulet.pngDiamond
Dragonstone Dragonstone ring.pngDragonstone Dragon necklace.pngDragonstone Dragonstone bracelet.pngDragonstone Dragonstone amulet.pngDragonstone
Onyx Onyx ring.pngOnyx Onyx necklace.pngOnyx Onyx bracelet.pngOnyx Onyx amulet.pngOnyx
Zenyte Zenyte ring.pngZenyte Zenyte necklace.pngZenyte Zenyte bracelet.pngZenyte Zenyte amulet.pngZenyte

Silver can also be crafted into plain tiaras which can be made into replacements for Runecraft talismans by using the tiara with its corresponding talisman at a Runecraft altar.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Name Materials Materials cost Item price Profit/loss gold/hour Crafting experience
Opal ring.pngOpal ring Silver bar.pngSilver bar Opal.pngOpal -383 817 434 282,100 10
Opal necklace.pngOpal necklace Silver bar.pngSilver bar Opal.pngOpal -383 823 440 286,000 35
Opal bracelet.pngOpal bracelet Silver bar.pngSilver bar Opal.pngOpal -383 489 106 68,900 45
Opal amulet (u).pngOpal amulet (u) Silver bar.pngSilver bar Opal.pngOpal -383 438 55 35,750 55
Jade ring.pngJade ring Silver bar.pngSilver bar Jade.pngJade -607 1,033 426 276,900 32
Jade necklace.pngJade necklace Silver bar.pngSilver bar Jade.pngJade -607 935 328 213,200 54
Jade bracelet.pngJade bracelet Silver bar.pngSilver bar Jade.pngJade -607 640 33 21,450 60
Jade amulet (u).pngJade amulet (u) Silver bar.pngSilver bar Jade.pngJade -607 756 149 96,850 70
Topaz ring.pngTopaz ring Silver bar.pngSilver bar Red topaz.pngRed topaz -4,891 2,124 -2,767 -1,798,550 35
Topaz necklace.pngTopaz necklace Silver bar.pngSilver bar Red topaz.pngRed topaz -4,891 1,356 -3,535 -2,297,750 32
Topaz bracelet.pngTopaz bracelet Silver bar.pngSilver bar Red topaz.pngRed topaz -4,891 4,952 61 39,650 38
Topaz amulet (u).pngTopaz amulet (u) Silver bar.pngSilver bar Red topaz.pngRed topaz -4,891 4,720 -171 -111,150 80
Gold ring.pngGold ring Gold bar.pngGold bar -72 102 30 42,000 15
Gold necklace.pngGold necklace Gold bar.pngGold bar -72 108 36 50,400 20
Gold bracelet.pngGold bracelet Gold bar.pngGold bar -72 148 76 106,400 25
Gold amulet (u).pngGold amulet (u) Gold bar.pngGold bar -72 100 28 39,200 30
Sapphire ring.pngSapphire ring Gold bar.pngGold bar Sapphire.pngSapphire -551 651 100 65,000 40
Sapphire necklace.pngSapphire necklace Gold bar.pngGold bar Sapphire.pngSapphire -551 615 64 41,600 55
Sapphire bracelet.pngSapphire bracelet Gold bar.pngGold bar Sapphire.pngSapphire -551 482 -69 -44,850 60
Sapphire amulet (u).pngSapphire amulet (u) Gold bar.pngGold bar Sapphire.pngSapphire -551 543 -8 -5,200 65
Emerald ring.pngEmerald ring Gold bar.pngGold bar Emerald.pngEmerald -657 705 48 31,200 55
Emerald necklace.pngEmerald necklace Gold bar.pngGold bar Emerald.pngEmerald -657 709 52 33,800 60
Emerald bracelet.pngEmerald bracelet Gold bar.pngGold bar Emerald.pngEmerald -657 726 69 44,850 65
Emerald amulet (u).pngEmerald amulet (u) Gold bar.pngGold bar Emerald.pngEmerald -657 671 14 9,100 70
Ruby ring.pngRuby ring Gold bar.pngGold bar Ruby.pngRuby -1,118 1,068 -50 -32,500 70
Ruby necklace.pngRuby necklace Gold bar.pngGold bar Ruby.pngRuby -1,118 1,144 26 16,900 75
Ruby bracelet.pngRuby bracelet Gold bar.pngGold bar Ruby.pngRuby -1,118 1,164 46 29,900 80
Ruby amulet (u).pngRuby amulet (u) Gold bar.pngGold bar Ruby.pngRuby -1,118 1,104 -14 -9,100 85
Diamond ring.pngDiamond ring Gold bar.pngGold bar Diamond.pngDiamond -2,080 1,918 -162 -105,300 85
Diamond necklace.pngDiamond necklace Gold bar.pngGold bar Diamond.pngDiamond -2,080 2,030 -50 -32,500 90
Diamond bracelet.pngDiamond bracelet Gold bar.pngGold bar Diamond.pngDiamond -2,080 2,059 -21 -13,650 95
Diamond amulet (u).pngDiamond amulet (u) Gold bar.pngGold bar Diamond.pngDiamond -2,080 2,050 -30 -19,500 100
Dragonstone ring.pngDragonstone ring Gold bar.pngGold bar Dragonstone.pngDragonstone -12,144 11,918 -226 -146,900 100
Dragon necklace.pngDragon necklace Gold bar.pngGold bar Dragonstone.pngDragonstone -12,144 12,140 -4 -2,600 105
Dragonstone bracelet.pngDragonstone bracelet Gold bar.pngGold bar Dragonstone.pngDragonstone -12,144 12,084 -60 -39,000 110
Dragonstone amulet (u).pngDragonstone amulet (u) Gold bar.pngGold bar Dragonstone.pngDragonstone -12,144 12,099 -45 -29,250 150 (?)
Onyx ring.pngOnyx ring Gold bar.pngGold bar Onyx.pngOnyx -2,991,678 2,887,629 -104,049 -67,631,850 115
Onyx necklace.pngOnyx necklace Gold bar.pngGold bar Onyx.pngOnyx -2,991,678 3,099,768 108,090 70,258,500 120
Onyx bracelet.pngOnyx bracelet Gold bar.pngGold bar Onyx.pngOnyx -2,991,678 3,022,913 31,235 20,302,750 125
Onyx amulet (u).pngOnyx amulet (u) Gold bar.pngGold bar Onyx.pngOnyx -2,991,678 2,966,707 -24,971 -16,231,150 165
Zenyte ring.pngZenyte ring Gold bar.pngGold bar Zenyte.pngZenyte -14,385,707 14,986,144 600,437 390,284,050 150
Zenyte necklace.pngZenyte necklace Gold bar.pngGold bar Zenyte.pngZenyte -14,385,707 14,738,610 352,903 229,386,950 165
Zenyte bracelet.pngZenyte bracelet Gold bar.pngGold bar Zenyte.pngZenyte -14,385,707 15,309,098 923,391 600,204,150 180
Zenyte amulet (u).pngZenyte amulet (u) Gold bar.pngGold bar Zenyte.pngZenyte -14,385,707 13,800,000 -585,707 -380,709,550 200

Enchanted jewellery[edit | edit source]

Amulets[edit | edit source]

Amulets are normally associated with a combat statistics advantage, while other jewellery has less defined roles. Amulets do not wear out, although the Amulet of glory needs its additional powers recharged after four uses.

Item Gem Attack Defence Strength Prayer Notes
Melee Magic Range Melee Magic Range
Amulet of accuracy Cannot be crafted; however can get another; see notes for more info. 4 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 A reward for Imp Catcher quest, useful for all combat classes, including ranged which does not have a specialised amulet. Not actually "enchanted". Players may reclaim more amulets after the quest by speaking to Wizard Mizgog with a complete set of beads (black, red, white, and yellow).
Amulet of magic Sapphire 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 A high magic attack bonus for a low level amulet.
Amulet of defence Emerald 0 0 0 7 7 7 0 0 Perfect for miners in monster-infested mines.
Amulet of nature Emerald, strung with magic string 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 It can be used to monitor the state of a farming patch.
Amulet of strength Ruby 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 The "amulet of hitting harder" for melee fighters.
Amulet of power Diamond 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 1 The top free-to-play amulet, with good balance for most classes of combat, though a little weaker for a mage attacking targets that cannot reach them.
Amulet of glory Dragonstone 10 10 10 3 3 3 6 3 Stronger in attack than defence, but otherwise the premier amulet with additional charge and teleport bonuses, until the Fury. The teleport capability is effective up to level 30 Wilderness, while the normal teleport spells fail beyond level 20
Amulet of fury Onyx 10 10 10 15 15 15 8 5 The same attack, better strength and much better defence than the "Glory", also higher prayer bonus - no teleports.
Amulet of torture Zenyte 15 15 15 0 0 0 10 2 Requires 75 Hitpoints to equip. Offers the highest attack bonuses and tied for highest strength bonus, but offers no defence bonuses.
Gnome Amulet Cannot be crafted; however can get another; see notes for more info. 0 0 0 +13 +13 +13 0 0 The gnome amulet is awarded to players by King Bolren after completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest. Should the player happen to lose the amulet, another can be obtained for free from King Bolren.
Not amulets, but similar in effect
Holy symbol 0 0 0 2 2 2 0 8
Unholy symbol 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 8 Members only

Non-combat, specialised amulets:

Item Gem Lasts for Notes
Amulet of bounty Opal 10 uses 25% chance to save seeds when planting them in allotment patches.
Amulet of chemistry Jade 5 uses 5% chance to create a four-dosed potion when brewing potions.
Burning amulet Topaz 5 uses Can teleport the player to various locations in the Wilderness.

Other amulets:

Necklaces[edit | edit source]

At one time, the most limited category of enchantable items, but the full range are now enchantable by members.

Item Gem Lasts for Description
Games necklace Sapphire 8 uses Transport to Burthorpe Games Room, Barbarian Assault minigame, Corporeal Beast's Cave, Tears of Guthix (after completion of the Tears of Guthix quest), or Wintertodt Camp (must have visited Zeah).
Dodgy necklace Opal 10 uses 25% chance to prevent the player from being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing NPCs.
Necklace of binding Emerald 16 uses 100% success in making combination runes.
Necklace of passage Jade 5 uses Can teleport the player to Wizards' Tower, Jorral's Outpost, and the Desert eagle station of the eagle transport system.
Digsite pendant Ruby 5 uses Transport to Dig Site and Fossil Island. The spell to enchant it is learned during Varrock Museum miniquest
Necklace of faith Topaz 1 use Automatically restores the wearer's prayer points by 10% if their hitpoints drop below 20%. Degrades to dust after use.
Phoenix necklace Diamond 1 use Automatically restores Hitpoints equivalent to 30% of the max stat if wearer drops below 20%. Has priority over Ring of life.
Necklace of skills Dragonstone 4 teleports Allows wearer to teleport to Fishing, Farming, Mining, Crafting and Cooking Guilds. Slightly increases chance of getting a casket when big net fishing. Can be recharged at totem in Legends' Guild.
Berserker necklace Onyx Strength raised by 7. Stab Attack, Slash Attack and Crush Attack reduced by 10. Stab Defence, Slash Defence, Crush Defence, Magic Defence and Ranged Defence reduced by 20. Increases the amount of damage wearer does when wielding an obsidian melee weapon by 20%.

Rings[edit | edit source]

Many rings have a limited number of uses before they are destroyed. Charges (uses) cannot transfer to other players; so if you only have one charge left, and you trade rings with someone who has full charges, your new ring will still disappear after one more use, and the other person will still get full use out of his. All enchanted rings are members only.

Item Gem Lasts for Description
Ring of recoil Sapphire 40 damage Recoils 10% of the damage done to you onto your attacker, lasts for 40 returned damage.
Ring of pursuit Opal 10 uses 25% chance to reveal the entire track of hunter creatures caught via noose wand.
Ring of dueling Emerald 8 uses Teleport to the Duel Arena, also a quick way to get to Al-Kharid, near the Fire altar. An alternative teleport location is Castle Wars, with a convenient bank nearby.
Ring of returning Jade 5 uses The player will be teleported to their respawn point.
Ring of forging Ruby 140 bars Smelt iron with 100% success, instead of 50% - this makes iron excellent Smithing experience for members if you can buy or make these rings.
Efaritay's aid Topaz 200 uses The player will be able to attack vampyric creatures with any weapon. The ring consumes one charge per attack.
Ring of life Diamond 1 use An automatic teleport to Lumbridge (or Falador upon completion of Recruitment Drive) if you have less than 10% hitpoints remaining - can be a lifesaver, unless your opponent deals fatal damage from more than 10%. Ineffective beyond level 30 Wilderness, as with the Amulet of glory.
Ring of wealth Dragonstone Increased chance of obtaining a rare drop upon hitting the rare drop table on monster kills.
Ring of stone Onyx Turns the wearer into a rock. Effects: Can only talk or unmorph, attempting to move or being attacked will also unmorph. Poison damage and prayer drain are halted while morphed (probably all recovery as well).
Easter ring A reward for completing an Easter holiday event. Similar in effect to the Ring of stone, but turns the wearer into an Easter egg. Effects: Can only talk or unmorph, attempting to move or being attacked will also unmorph. Poison damage and prayer drain are halted while morphed (probably all recovery as well).

Bracelets[edit | edit source]

Bracelets are worn in the place of gloves. All enchanted bracelets are members only.

Item Gem Lasts for Description
Bracelet of clay Sapphire 28 clay Wearer will mine soft clay rather than hard clay while wearing bracelet.
Expeditious bracelet Opal 30 uses There is a chance to count one of its wearer's slayer assignment kills to count as two instead, but granting no additional experience. Must be worn on the killing blow to count.
Castle wars bracelet Emerald 3 games Wielder will do extra 20% of damage against a bearer of their side's flag. Castle Wars bandages heals 50% more to wielders of the bracelet.
Flamtaer bracelet Jade 80 uses Each build at the Shades of Mort'ton temple will become substantially more effective.
Inoculation bracelet Ruby 275 damage Protects the wearer from an amount of disease damage. Breaks when protection has been used up.
Bracelet of slaughter Topaz 30 uses There is a 25% chance for a slayer assignment kill to not count as a kill towards it, but still granting the appropriate Slayer experience. Must be worn on the killing blow to count.
Abyssal bracelet Diamond 5 uses Prevents wearer from being skulled when entering the Abyss. Player still suffers from Prayer drain.
Combat bracelet Dragonstone 4 teleports Allows wearer to teleport to Warriors', Champions' and Ranging Guild as well as the Edgeville Monastery. Updates wearer with their Slayer totals every tenth target they need to kill. Can be recharged at totem in Legends' Guild.
Regen bracelet Onyx Doubles the natural Hitpoint recovery.