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Released19 October 2017 (Update)
Removal9 November 2017 (Update)
LocationVarrock, Camp Sapphire Lagoon
ExamineI wonder what his face under his mask looks like.
Advanced data
NPC IDremoved

Jonas is the name of a spirit who was mistakenly freed from the Grim Reaper's imprisonment by the player at the beginning of the 2017 Halloween event. Players are to trap him in a time bubble with the aid of Jarvis.

According to the Grim Reaper, he is the truest of all evil, a kind of evil that simply kills all in his path. He was so intensely evil that the Grim Reaper used his powers to remove all memory of him from the world, except for Jarvis, in case Jonas ever returned.

History[edit | edit source]

When Jonas was seventeen years old, his mother, who was a camp counselor over at Camp Sapphire Lagoon, drowned to death during a routine patrol she had done alone. She slipped on the jetty and fell with such force that she knocked herself unconscious and fell into the lake.

As counselors were supposed to do patrols in pairs, Jonas blamed the inhabitants of the Camp, and made his way there, killing 65 people on the island, except for Jarvis. Jarvis did such a number on him that by the time the Grim Reaper came for his soul, his face was unrecognisable, and left wedged in the middle of his face was his machete.

Trivia[edit | edit source]