Jug of wine

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Jug of wine
Jug of wine.png
Released4 January 2001 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineIt's full of wine.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight1.5 kg
Respawn time100 ticks (60 seconds)
Grand Exchange
Exchange3 coins (info)
Buy limit6,000
Daily volume5,836,703
Advanced data
Item ID1993
Jug of wine detail.png

Jug of wine is food made by using grapes with a jug of water. Drinking it heals 11 Hitpoints and temporarily lowers Attack by two.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Players can make a jug of wine at 35 Cooking. Squeezing grapes into a jug of water will make unfermented wine which, after 12 seconds of fermenting and no others being made, will become either a jug of wine, yielding 200 Cooking experience, or a jug of bad wine, yielding no experience. There is a chance of creating a jug of bad wine until 68 Cooking. Making wine is easy if players can enter the Cooks' Guild, which has a water source and jug and grape respawns, or has access to the Culinaromancer's Chest, which sells jugs and grapes and has a sink nearby.

They can also be bought from Zambo at Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers, from Ali the Barman in Pollnivneach, or bought/stolen from Fortunato's Wine stall in the Draynor Village market.

A player creating a jug of wine.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Cooking Cooking35 (b)200
Free-to-play icon.png
Ticks20 (12s) [r 1]
Jug of water.pngJug of water132
Total Cost64
Jug of wine.pngJug of wine13
  1. ^ Resets to 20 every time a new unfermented wine is made

Use in training[edit | edit source]

Wine is one of the best foods for Ranged or Magic combat pures due to its cheap cost and availability. It is excellent for training activities that are both unaffected by melee stats and do not excessively utilise run energy, such as Thieving and Wintertodt. Even in Agility, the jug of wine is still an extremely cost effective healing method. Melee-based players may also use wine for healing, as long they either restore their Attack stat or only do so when fighting monsters with substantially lower defensive levels (wherein the player's melee accuracy isn't a priority).

When making wine, all experience is held until 12 seconds after the last set of grapes was added to the last jug of water. After the 12 second timer has counted down, all experience from unfermented wines is granted at once. This includes unfermented wines that are in the player's bank. This 12 second timer is reset each time another grape is added to a jug of water. Making wines can yield up to 490k experience per hour.

After training cooking by making wine, players are likely to have a large number of Jugs of bad wine. These cannot be noted for easy removal, but they can be used on the incinerator for quick disposal. Players stop making bad wine at 68 Cooking so it's recommended to reach that level through other means before training by making wine.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Elf (Thieving)85 Thieving icon.png16/128
Flaming pyrelord97 Multicombat.png12/128
Harpie Bug Swarm46 Multicombat.png12/128
Hero80 Thieving icon.png16/128
Ice giant Wilderness Slayer Cave67 Multicombat.png13/128
Ice giant Regular53 Multicombat.png13/128
Infernal pyrelord134 Multicombat.png12/128
Lesser demon Regular82; 87; 94 Multicombat.png13/128
Lesser demon Wilderness Slayer Cave94 Multicombat.png13/128
Market stall (wine)22 Thieving icon.png1Common
Pyrefiend43; 48 Multicombat.png12/128
Pyrelord60 Multicombat.png12/128
Rogue32 Thieving icon.png16/128
Werewolf88; 93 Multicombat.png120/512

Spawns[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
Slepe - Crombwick ManorMember icon.png1Maplink
Catherby - house north of the bank (1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US])Member icon.png1Maplink
Darkmeyer - middle tierMember icon.png1Maplink
Desert Mining Camp - Captain Siad's office (1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US])Member icon.png1Maplink

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
King's Axe InnWestern KeldagrimN/ACoins 5.png 10N/AMember icon.png
The Esoterican ArmsMiscellania dungeon53sCoins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Member icon.png
The Asp & Snake Bar.Pollnivneach131m 30sCoins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Member icon.png
The Cloak and StaggerShayzien51m Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Member icon.png
The Golden FieldHosidius51m Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Member icon.png
The Other Inn.Mos Le'Harmless12h 30m Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Member icon.png
Paramaya InnShilo VillageN/ACoins 1.png 1N/AMember icon.png
Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers.Karamja12h 30m Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Free-to-play icon.png
Lletya Food StoreLletya35m Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Member icon.png
Harpoon Joe's House of 'Rum'.Mos Le'Harmless12h 30m Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Member icon.png
Wine Shop.Draynor Village515m Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Free-to-play icon.png