Jungle Tree (dense Kharazi Jungle)

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This article is about the trees forming the dense jungle border to the Kharazi Jungle. For the other jungle trees in the Kharazi Jungle, see Jungle Tree (Kharazi Jungle).
Jungle Tree
Jungle Tree (dense Kharazi Jungle, dark).png
Released20 August 2003 (Update)
QuestLegends' Quest
LocationKharazi Jungle
ExamineHome to many unusual creatures.
Advanced data
Object ID2889

Jungle trees are a type of tree found at the entrance to the Kharazi Jungle. A dense wall of trees and bushes block the entrance to the jungle, and must be cut using an axe and machete to pass through. In order to access the jungle, the player must reach the point of Legends' Quest where Radimus Erkle provides the Radimus notes. The mechanics of the trees in the Kharazi Jungle are different from regular jungle trees.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Once a player begins chopping the tree, a normal tree cutting animation will play. The tree is then chopped until depleted, and after depleted the character will walk to the other side of the tree. This will occasionally put the player inside of another jungle tree or bush, which can be freely walked out of as long as nothing is blocking the path.

The tree sometimes provides regular logs when cut, and players will receive 100 Woodcutting experience per log received, compared to 25 experience when cutting normal jungle trees. The tree does not always provide logs when cut, and can become depleted without ever giving logs. The tree can also provide multiple logs before becoming depleted. Unlike normal trees, this tree does not require empty inventory space to chop, and instead will provide no logs. The Infernal axe can burn logs received from this tree. Wearing Kandarin headgear will not provide extra logs. The Lumberjack outfit bonuses do work on these trees. The tree difficulty does not seem to operate the same as regular trees, since axe type and Woodcutting level do not seem to have any effect on the cut speed.

Both an axe and a machete are required to chop the tree. Attempting without an axe will print the message "You'll need an axe to get through this rough jungle. You don't think it would be a good idea to continue without one you've got the level to use." Attempting without a machete will print the message "You need a machete to cut your way through this dense jungle bush."

If the player is stuck in the dense jungle or on the south side within the Kharazi Jungle and attempts to chop the tree, there is an option to scrabble out of the jungle. The chatbox will show "It looks like you're lost in the jungle! Would you like to try and scrabble out?", followed by options for "Yes, I'll scrabble out of this jungle." or "No, I think I can find my own way out." Choosing to scrabble out will teleport the player to the north side of the dense jungle and deal a small amount of damage while printing the message You scrabble out of the jungle. You're scratched to pieces by the dense jungle trees, but at least you're alive and out of the jungle.

Woodcutting info[edit | edit source]

Jungle tree
Level requiredWoodcutting 1
Woodcutting XP100 xp
Required toolAxe and Machete
Respawn time? (edit)
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Logs.png: Jungle Tree (dense Kharazi Jungle) drops Logs with rarity Always in quantity 1Logs1Always432