Jungle eagle

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Jungle eagle
Jungle eagle.png
Released28 November 2006 (Update)
LocationFeldip Hunter area and Eagles' Peak dungeon
ExamineA very large, very dangerous-looking birdy.
Advanced data
NPC ID1488

A Jungle eagle is a giant bird used as a transportation medium between Eagles' Peak and the Feldip Hunter area. The Eagle transport system can only be used after the completion of the Eagles' Peak quest. In order to travel using this bird, a rope must be used on it, to lasso it around its neck.

It is located past the stone door, inside the Eagle Peak dungeon and also in the Feldip Hunter area. They can be used to travel between each other.

To access this eagle's nest from the outside, the player must use a teasing stick, thatching spar, or garden cane on the vine in order to be able to climb it once it grows tall enough.

Use one of said item on the young vine near the entrance, once stuck down it will take around 40 minutes for the vine to grow strong enough to support a player's weight. Once the vine reaches maturity, a message will appear in the player's chatbox saying "those vines should be worth checking on now"

Eagle location at Feldip Hunter area. The vine will take several minutes to grow enough to be able to be climbed on. Come back later