Justine's stuff for the Last Shopper Standing

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Justine's stuff for the Last Shopper Standing is the store where players can purchase items with their accumulated points obtained from Last Man Standing. The store is owned by Justine and is located in the Last Man Standing lobby.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 100.0% • Buys at: 100.0% • Change per: 0.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Deadman's chest.pngDeadman's chest160128Not soldN/A
Deadman's legs.pngDeadman's legs160128Not soldN/A
Deadman's cape.pngDeadman's cape160128Not soldN/A
Swift blade.pngSwift blade350N/ACoins 10000.png 6,579,70418,799
Guthixian icon.pngGuthixian icon500400Not sold23,716[1]
Trouver parchment.pngTrouver parchment30N/ACoins 10000.png 574,63019,154
Wilderness crabs teleport.pngWilderness crabs teleport1N/ACoins 10000.png 16,52516,525
Blighted bind sack.pngBlighted bind sack (x300)1N/ACoins 25.png 5115,300
Blighted snare sack.pngBlighted snare sack (x150)1N/ACoins 100.png 10015,000
Blighted entangle sack.pngBlighted entangle sack (x70)1N/ACoins 250.png 27018,900
Blighted teleport spell sack.pngBlighted teleport spell sack (x50)1N/ACoins 250.png 36118,050
Blighted vengeance sack.pngBlighted vengeance sack (x50)1N/ACoins 250.png 36018,000
Blighted ancient ice sack.pngBlighted ancient ice sack (x30)1N/ACoins 250.png 49614,880
Adamant arrow 5.pngAdamant arrow (x350)1N/ACoins 25.png 4214,700
Bolt rack 5.pngBolt rack (x200)1N/ACoins 25.png 6813,600
Rune arrow 5.pngRune arrow (x300)3N/ACoins 25.png 5516,500
Dragonstone bolts (e) 5.pngDragonstone bolts (e) (x20)3N/ACoins 250.png 86517,300
Blighted karambwan.pngBlighted karambwan (x12)1N/ACoins 1000.png 1,26915,228
Blighted manta ray.pngBlighted manta ray (x15)1N/ACoins 1000.png 1,05615,840
Blighted anglerfish.pngBlighted anglerfish (x15)1N/ACoins 1000.png 1,17817,670
Blighted super restore(4).pngBlighted super restore(4) (x4)1N/ACoins 1000.png 4,03516,140
Climbing boots.pngClimbing boots (x20)1N/ACoins 250.png 64912,980
Looting bag.pngLooting bag1N/ANot soldN/A
Looting bag note.pngLooting bag note1N/ACoins 10000.png 10,39210,392
Ring of wealth scroll.pngRing of wealth scroll5N/ACoins 10000.png 51,97810,396
Magic shortbow scroll.pngMagic shortbow scroll5N/ACoins 10000.png 95,52619,105
Clue box.pngClue box5N/ACoins 10000.png 75,43915,088
Crystal weapon seed.pngCrystal weapon seed12N/ACoins 10000.png 195,17216,264
Granite clamp.pngGranite clamp25N/ACoins 10000.png 223,4318,937
Ornate maul handle.pngOrnate maul handle15N/ACoins 10000.png 317,16421,144
Steam staff upgrade kit.pngSteam staff upgrade kit13N/ACoins 10000.png 262,98020,229
Lava staff upgrade kit.pngLava staff upgrade kit13N/ACoins 10000.png 259,63919,972
Dragon pickaxe upgrade kit.pngDragon pickaxe upgrade kit14N/ACoins 10000.png 287,66820,548
Ward upgrade kit.pngWard upgrade kit20N/ACoins 10000.png 337,78816,889
Green dark bow paint.pngGreen dark bow paint25N/ACoins 10000.png 504,79220,192
Yellow dark bow paint.pngYellow dark bow paint25N/ACoins 10000.png 429,13917,166
White dark bow paint.pngWhite dark bow paint25N/ACoins 10000.png 481,84619,274
Blue dark bow paint.pngBlue dark bow paint25N/ACoins 10000.png 480,42719,217
Volcanic whip mix.pngVolcanic whip mix25N/ACoins 10000.png 487,20219,488
Frozen whip mix.pngFrozen whip mix25N/ACoins 10000.png 497,00119,880
Rune pouch.pngRune pouch75N/ANot soldN/A
Rune pouch note.pngRune pouch note75N/ACoins 10000.png 1,296,61417,288
Decorative emblem.pngDecorative emblem100N/ANot soldN/A
Saradomin's tear.pngSaradomin's tear150N/ACoins 10000.png 3,090,60920,604
Bounty teleport scroll.pngBounty teleport scroll250N/ACoins 10000.png 4,945,68319,783
Vesta's longsword (inactive).pngVesta's longsword (inactive)300N/ANot soldN/A
Victor's cape (1).pngVictor's cape (1)0N/ANot soldN/A
Victor's cape (10).pngVictor's cape (10)0N/ANot soldN/A
Victor's cape (50).pngVictor's cape (50)0N/ANot soldN/A
Victor's cape (100).pngVictor's cape (100)0N/ANot soldN/A
Victor's cape (500).pngVictor's cape (500)0N/ANot soldN/A
Victor's cape (1000).pngVictor's cape (1000)0N/ANot soldN/A
Armadyl halo.pngArmadyl halo450360Not soldN/A
Bandos halo.pngBandos halo450360Not soldN/A
Seren halo.pngSeren halo450360Not soldN/A
Ancient halo.pngAncient halo450360Not soldN/A
Brassica halo.pngBrassica halo450360Not soldN/A
Paddewwa teleport (tablet).pngPaddewwa teleport (x2)1N/ACoins 1000.png 8,23016,460
Senntisten teleport (tablet).pngSenntisten teleport (x2)1N/ACoins 1000.png 8,59617,192
Annakarl teleport (tablet).pngAnnakarl teleport (x2)1N/ACoins 1000.png 8,67017,340
Carrallangar teleport (tablet).pngCarrallangar teleport (x2)1N/ACoins 1000.png 7,66915,338
Dareeyak teleport (tablet).pngDareeyak teleport (x2)1N/ACoins 1000.png 8,03916,078
Ghorrock teleport (tablet).pngGhorrock teleport (x2)1N/ACoins 1000.png 8,48716,974
Kharyrll teleport (tablet).pngKharyrll teleport (x2)1N/ACoins 1000.png 7,99515,990
Lassar teleport (tablet).pngLassar teleport (x2)1N/ACoins 1000.png 8,70617,412
Bounty target teleport.pngBounty target teleport1N/ACoins 10000.png 15,09215,092
  1. Value from creating Staff of balance from Staff of the Dead

Unlockable rewards[edit | edit source]

Currently, the only unlockable rewards are animation overrides for the Godsword special attack, changing the colour to gold. This costs 75 Last Man Standing points per Godsword.

Once unlocked, the gold trim can be toggled at the shop whenever the player desires.