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This article is about the Dragonkin. For other uses, see Karuulm (disambiguation).

Karuulm is a dragonkin who formerly inhabited the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, and is responsible for creating the draconic creatures within. His exploits are detailed in the old notes in the dungeon.

History[edit | edit source]

Sometime during the God Wars, before the arrival of refugees that would go on to found Arceuus, Lovakengj and Piscarilius, the continent of Zeah was uninhabited and untouched by the war. This Dragonkin resided in Mount Karuulm to begin his own experiments. He noted that many of the resources he originally used were not available, but the resources here may prove to be more useful than what he had originally in the mainland. Free from his fellow kin, he began working on projects that the others had rejected.

The first creations he made were the wyrms, massive draconic creatures that participated in the God Wars and were driven to extinction for their role in the war, believing that the resources here could achieve the original goal of the wyrm project. However, these failed and he soon moved on to the drake project, one he had suggested to Kerapac but was rejected, him preferring to focus on dragons instead. Despite the increased strength of the drakes, they were still a failure in his eyes.

He eventually decided to search further and created the hydras, the initial batch being a rough "base" for an upcoming experiment. Using the unique chemicals found on the mountain, he managed to create an enhanced version. Despite meeting all of his expectations, he still viewed it as a failure, as he could not replicate the creation.

In addition to the setback of the Alchemical Hydra, he sensed the arrival of a Zamorakian demon. This demon, Skotizo, was carrying an unknown artefact obtained from the Karamjan Temple that allowed him to call forth a variety of creatures to its side. Rather than deciding to take the artefact for himself, he instead relocated to a mountain to the south, believing that the native lizard species there could hold the key to their cure.

While it remains unconfirmed, it is likely that his work resulted in the creation of the Great olm, given its appearance, attacks and vulnerability to dragonbane weapons, as well as the Colossal Wyrm.