Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

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The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon is a dungeon located beneath Mount Karuulm, which is located just west of Lovakengj. It contains a variety of monsters, as well as draconic creatures not found anywhere else.

Anyone can enter the dungeon - while no damage is taken upon initial entry with the three Tasakaal, players who wish to explore further must wear boots of stone, boots of brimstone or granite boots or they will take 4 damage every tick due to the extremely hot ground. This can be avoided if players have completed the elite tier of Kourend & Kebos Diary.

Throughout the dungeon players can find opened dragonkin chests which can be searched for some notes regarding about the draconic inhabitants of the dungeon.

The dungeon itself is single-way combat, and a dwarf multicannon can be used here, excluding the Wyrm and Alchemical Hydra areas; the former states that the electricity the wyrms discharge would render the cannon useless, and the latter states that it would destroy the chemical containers.

The entrance to the slayer dungeon.

Travel[edit | edit source]

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Image Combat level Slayer level Slayer XP Quantity
Drake Drake.png 192 84 268.5 7 (normal), 7 (slayer only)
Fire giant Fire giant.png 86 1 111 13
Greater demon Greater demon.png 92 1 87 8
Hellhound Hellhound.png 122 1 116 12
Hydra Hydra.png 194 95 322 9 (normal), 8 (slayer only)
Alchemical Hydra Alchemical Hydra.png 426 95 1320 1 (slayer only)
Sulphur Lizard Sulphur Lizard.png 50 44 50 13
Wyrm Wyrm.png 99 62 133.3 9 (normal), 7 (slayer only)