Keldagrim minecart system

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A player riding a minecart to Keldagrim.

Keldagrim minecarts are a system of transportation often used to travel to and from the dwarven capital, Keldagrim. Players must have started The Giant Dwarf quest to use this travel method. It is one of three ways to enter Keldagrim directly.

The Cart conductors charge a small fee (100 to 150 coins, halved while wearing a Ring of charos (a)) to travel using the minecart system. Travels from the Grand Exchange to Keldagrim and vice versa are free of charge.

The Keldagrim Carts hub station is in the south-east corner of Keldagrim, near the Blast Furnace factory. From here, it is possible to travel to and from all of the stations, whereas others may only may take the player directly to Keldagrim.

Minecarts are some of the dwarves' most advanced technology. Powered by the somewhat recently discovered steam engine technology of the dwarves, the carts can travel over long underground distances very quickly. While originally designed to carry ore to and from the city, the carts are also capable of transporting dwarves and humans.

The minecart system offers three routes to travel to places across Gielinor.

The Dorgesh-Kaan-Keldagrim Train System unlocked during the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest also docks in the Keldagrim hub and is essentially a mass-transit version of the minecarts that connects to Dorgesh-Kaan. However, it functions somewhat differently and is usually considered a separate mode of transport.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Keldagrim Carts travel hub.
  • Previously, the White Wolf Mountain-Keldagrim route did not require completion of The Giant Dwarf.
  • Interestingly, when riding the minecart, the players' boots and weapon vanish from the "Worn Equipment" tab. When the journey is over and the player has left the cart, they reappear in the slot.
  • Even stranger, the player may end up in the cave wall south of the carts; by walking out, however, this problem is easily solved.
  • The dwarves next to the carts shout "Mind the cart", which is a reference to a commonly heard sentence in the London Underground, "Mind the gap".
  • When two players are travelling to Keldagrim at the same time (i.e. they are both at Keldagrim already), it will appear as if the other player is gliding on air.
  • If you have a pet out when you try and ride a minecart, the Cart conductor will say "Watch out, sir! Don't want anything to run over your follower!".