Keorgius Feryis

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Keorgius Feryis was a brother-in-arms loyal to Ivandis Seergaze in the aftermath of the Fourth Age Misthalin - Morytania War. Keorgius was amongst those responsible for burying the deceased Seergaze in a cavern connected to a large tunnel network running beneath Mort Myre Swamp. He is known to have lived in approximately 1200 of the Fourth Age.

Keorgius was amongst those veterans of the war to continue into Morytania with Seergaze. Seergaze was killed at some point while combatting the tyranny of Lord Drakan, leaving his men to bury him. Keorgius and the rest of Seergaze's followers buried him with his staff, marking the cavern so as to deter looters and explorers. The group returned to Misthalin through Paterdomus, where Keorgius contributed to a document describing their time in Morytania.

Keorgius is referenced only in the The sleeping seven found during In Aid of the Myreque, in the hidden Paterdomus library found by the monk Drezel. The author of the book believed that Keorgius was likely a myth used to draw treasure hunters to Morytania, but the discovery of Seergaze's tomb later in the quest makes this unlikely.