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Keris partisan is a temporary piece of content found only in unrestricted worlds.
The contents of this page refer to an item only available on temporary unrestricted worlds as a means to test the item before release.
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The Keris partisan is a one-handed spear obtained by upgrading the Keris after the completion of the Beneath Cursed Sands quest.

The Keris partisan requires 80 Attack and completion of the Beneath Cursed Sands quest to wield. Currently, the spear cannot be poisoned with Weapon poison.

The Keris partisan retains the effects of the Keris. It deals 33% bonus damage against all Kalphites and Scabarites, and has a 1/51 chance of puncturing a hole in their exoskeleton, dealing triple damage. When the special effect occurs, the chatbox will display the message You slip your weapon through a chink in the creature's chitin, landing a vicious blow.

The Keris partisan has a socket into which various jewels can be inserted. This will provide bonus effects to the Keris partisan. The inserted jewels can switched, however only one can be used at a time. These jewels are obtained as rare rewards from the Tombs of Amascut. Like the weapon itself, these jewels are untradable.

The available jewels are as follows:

  • Eye of the Corrupter

Using this jewel adds a damage-over-time effect to any enemies you hit within the Tombs of Amascut (this cannot be stacked on the same NPC multiple times, but can be applied to multiple NPCs at once.

  • Jewel of the Sun

Using this jewel within the Tombs of Amascut applies a debuff resulting in the NPC taking higher damage for X seconds.

  • Breach of the Scarab

Using this jewel buffs the Keris partisan with an additional 33% accuracy against Kalphites, Scarabites and Beetles.

Combat styles[edit | edit source]

Combat OptionsCombat StyleAttack typesStyleExperience
CombatStyles Spear.pngLungeStabControlledShared and Hitpoints
SwipeSlashControlledShared and Hitpoints
PoundCrushControlledShared and Hitpoints
BlockStabDefensiveDefence and Hitpoints