Key (Gnome Village Dungeon)

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Key (Gnome Village Dungeon).png
Released24 September 2002 (Update)
Quest itemWaterfall Quest
ExamineI found this in a cave beneath the Tree Gnome Village (used in the Waterfall Quest).
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Advanced data
Item ID293
Key (Gnome Village Dungeon) detail.png

The key is an item found in the Tree Gnome Village dungeon. It can be found in a crate in the storeroom to the north-east of the dungeon entrance. It opens the door to the cell in which Golrie is contained, found north-west of the dungeon entrance. This makes it easy to pick up the key when needed and so there is little advantage in keeping it in the bank. Upon finding it, a player will receive the message "You found a large key". It cannot be stored on a Steel key ring.

Note that if a player has a low combat level, they will likely receive damage from the surrounding monsters while searching the crates for the key.

The key is first used in the Waterfall Quest. The key is needed to unlock the door where the gnome named Golrie is hiding from Hobgoblins that have invaded the dungeon. Once the door is unlocked, Golrie will give the player Glarial's pebble, which is required to enter Glarial's Tomb near Baxtorian Falls. Players can repeat this after the quest to re-obtain Glarial's pebble. It is recommended to keep the pebble in the bank, or instead Glarial's amulet once received, in order to avoid the need to speak to Golrie again at a later date, since the amulet is required to enter the Waterfall Dungeon.

The key is also needed in The Eyes of Glouphrie. You need to access the room that Golrie was hiding in during the Waterfall Quest to acquire extra coloured shapes.

In Roving Elves, Golrie has traded places with the hobgoblins. He is no longer located behind a locked door. As such, a player should no longer need the key if they wish to retrieve Glarial's pebble.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
25 July 2019
  • The item's name was changed from "A key" to "Key".
  • The item was recoloured.
4 October 2005 –
7 February 2006

The item's examine was changed from "This will unlock something"[sic] to "This will unlock something."

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Key (Gnome Village Dungeon) detail (beta).png
Key (Gnome Village Dungeon) (v1) detail.png
Key (Gnome Village Dungeon) detail.png
Key (Gnome Village Dungeon) (beta).png
Key (Gnome Village Dungeon) v1.png
Key (Gnome Village Dungeon).png
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25 July 2019
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