Key (Treasure Trails)

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Key (medium)
Key (medium).png
Released5 May 2004 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineA key to unlock a treasure chest.
A key to some drawers.
A key to a chest.
Value20 coins
High alch12 coins
Low alch8 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Advanced data
Item ID2832,2834,2836,2838,2840,3606,3608,7297,7299,7302,19761
Key (Treasure Trails) detail.png
Key (elite) detail.png

A key is an item needed to unlock a chest or drawer during a Treasure Trails.

There will be a clue telling you where to get it. The key is a drop only when carrying the clue scroll. It disappears when used to open the chest or drawer. Keys are non-tradeable objects, specific to the player who finds them. They are used on all levels of treasure trails.

It is possible to obtain more than one key using the drop trick. However, after taking a clue from the chest/drawer, the key won't open it again, and the player gets a message: "The chest (or drawer) is locked." Keys obtained this way from the same clue will still remain in the bank; however, keys obtained from different clues will not stack.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Barbarian (Barbarian Camp) Low level9; 10 Multicombat.png1Always
Barbarian (Barbarian Camp) High level15 Multicombat.png1Always
Barbarian Low level (m)8; 9; 10 Multicombat.png1Always
Barbarian High level (m)15; 17 Multicombat.png1Always
Black Knight Titan Normal (m)120 Multicombat.png1Always
Chicken (m)1 Multicombat.png1Always
Drunken man (m)3 Multicombat.png1Always
Green dragon Wilderness Slayer Cave88 Multicombat.png1Always
Guard (Doric's hut) (m)19 Multicombat.png1Always
Guard (Port Sarim Jail) (m)21 Multicombat.png1Always
Guard dog (m)44 Multicombat.png1Always
Guard (m)19; 20; 21; 22 Multicombat.png1Always
Gunthor the brave (m)29 Multicombat.png1Always
Hill Giant (m)28 Multicombat.png1Always
King Black Dragon276 Multicombat.png1Always
Man Regular (m)2 Multicombat.png1Always
Monk3; 5 Multicombat.png1Always
Penda5 Multicombat.png1Always
Pirate (m)23; 26; 57 Multicombat.png1Always
Wizard (m)9 Multicombat.png1Always

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
9 March 2017

The item's value was increased from 1 to 20.

6 March 2014

The item was renamed from "Key" to "Key (difficulty)".