Kharidian Empire

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Kharidian Empire founded in Second Age by Elidinis, Tumeken, Amascut and Icthlarin in Second Age. Empire's lands were located in land currently known as Kharidian Desert.

Kharidian Empire built cities and big structures all over desert, most notably still standing Emir's Arena.

Second Age[edit | edit source]

During Second Age, the peace of the desert became threatened, when god Zaros sought to expand his already large empire to menaphite territory, ruled over by Kharidian Empire. Thus began a long and bloody conflict known as Kharidian - Zarosian War. Elidinis, Tumeken, Amascut, Icthlarin and the rest of the pantheon fought to defend their lands, but even together they lacked power to push back the Empty Lord. Empire's lands were bit by bit stolen as invaders slowly but surely pushed farther into lands of mighty Kharidian Empire.

Eventually, as the situation became dangerously dire, Icthlarin and Amascut went looking for allies to help them defeat the mighty Zarosian army. They eventually wandered off to war-torn world of Freneskae, home to powerful and near-immortal race of Mahjarrat. Icthlarin managed to convince a number of them to join and help defend their land from invading Zarosian Empire.

Quickly after that, Icthlarin, Amascut and Mahjarrats returned to Gielinor. With Mahjarrat on Kharidian's side, the tide of war began to change as the Mahjarrats - dubbed the "Stern Judges of Icthlarin" by the Kharidian defenders - quickly started decimating Zaros' forces. For the first time since the beginning of the war, the Kharidians were on the offensive side, quickly gaining more power over Zarosians.

Under leadership of Icthlarin, Mahjarrat and Kharidian united army began pushing back all Zaros invasion attempt and started taking back their lost lands, Not long after, all lost lands were reclaimed, but new threat was creeping up that Icthlarin hadn't seen coming.

After Successful war against Zaros, Mahjarrat grew restless, what eventually led to them siding with Zaros instead.

Third Age[edit | edit source]

In Third Age, Kharidian Empire was mostly unaffected for first three millenniums, which might have been thanks to alliance Elidinis made with god Saradomin. However during the last millennium of the God Wars Zamorak launched a massive invasion against Kharidian Empire called Kharidian Desert Campaign what first would lead to fall of city Uzer and later Ullek. It is not known when Kharidian Empire was disbanded, if ever. We can speculate that it happened at the end of third age when Guthix woke and banished every god with sufficient power. Tumeken and Elidinis were forced to leave Gielinor, while Amascut and Icthlarin could stay, because of their weak enough powers.