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The Khazard–Gnome War is an ongoing military conflict between the Northern and Southern Gnome Empire and the forces of the Mahjarrat General Khazard, centered at the Battlefield. The war is featured in the Gnome quest series. The cause of the war is currently unknown. However, it does appear that fighting between the gnomish and Khazard forces began in earnest due to killings carried out by the Khazard against the gnomes.[1] These attacks themselves may have been in response to gnomish expansion into the region after the gnomes emerged from underground following the end of the God Wars.[2]

At one point the Gnome army got desperate enough to send one of their orbs of protection to the Battlefield.[3] However this left their Village vulnerable, and a group of Khazard soldiers managed to navigate the maze, attack the village (killing King Bolren's wife and many other gnomes),[4] and steal the other orbs.[5] An adventurer managed to recover the orbs, defeating a Khazard warlord who was in possession of one of the orbs.

The war coincides with the Arposandran War, which is also a part of the gnome quest series.

References[edit | edit source]

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