Kill or Be Killed

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Kill or Be Killed
Kill or Be Killed.jpg Kill or Be Killed (unlocked).jpg
Released 24 February 2021 (Update)
Task Enter the Wilderness
Members No
Area Wilderness, Wilderness Ditch
Reward None
Diary Steam achievements
Diary master None

Kill or Be Killed is a Steam achievement task, which requires the player to "Enter the Wilderness" in order to be completed. Warning: Other players may attack you in the Wilderness. This achievement can be obtained at level 1 Wilderness, which means players can simply jump across the Wilderness Ditch, walk north two tiles, and walk back south right away.

Low-level players wishing to complete this achievement are recommended to store all of their valuable items in the bank, and not venture too deep into the wilderness. Players who die in the Wilderness will lose all items they have equipped or are holding in their inventory or except for the three most valuable items, which can then be picked up by the player who killed them.

More experienced players may wish to visit the wilderness for its player-killing content, the higher-levelled monsters found in the area, and for valuable item spawns. Furthermore, Ferox Enclave is a safe area found within the Wilderness, which contains several interesting features.