Kindling (Chambers of Xeric)

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This article is about item found in the Chambers of Xeric. For the quest item, see Kindling.
Kindling (Chambers of Xeric) detail.png

Kindlings are obtained from chopping saplings found within the Chambers of Xeric. They are used to light fires and as fuel for the braziers in the ice demon's lair.

Kindling works on a timer system, which is affected by the icefiends which spawn inside of the room, as well as a weighting system. Each kindling gives 20 points.

The yield per successful chop from a sapling is scaled to the player's Woodcutting level, up to a maximum of eight. The experience gained also varies, scaling based on the amount of kindling received.

Max kindling
per chop
Max Woodcutting XP
per chop
Avg Woodcutting XP
per chop
1 1 30.0 30.000
24 2 45.0 37.500
36 3 55.0 43.333
48 4 62.5 48.125
60 5 68.5 52.200
72 6 73.5 55.750
84 7 77.7 58.886
96 8 81.4 61.700