Artur Hosidius

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Artur Hosidius
Artur Hosidius.png
Released9 November 2017 (Update)
LocationCrabclaw Caves (during quest), Hosidius
QuestThe Depths of Despair,
A Kingdom Divided
ExamineThe eldest son of Lord Hosidius.
Advanced data
NPC ID7898, 7899, 10976
Artur Hosidius chathead.png
King Artur Hosidius chathead.png

Artur Hosidius is the eldest son of Lord Kandur Hosidius and Elena Hosidius. His younger brother is Pandur Hosidius. He is also the nephew of Lord Shiro Shayzien. He is currently the king of Great Kourend.

During The Depths of Despair, he was looking for the original copy of the Royal Accord of Twill, and ended up in the Crabclaw Caves, which resulted in his father assuming he went missing.

According to Chef Olivia, she and Artur are lovers.

After the completion of the quest A Kingdom Divided, he is made the new king of Kourend shortly after his father's assassination during his coronation.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Predecessor Title Successor
Lord Kandur Hosidius Ruler of Great Kourend Incumbent