King Byrne I

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A portrait depicting an artist's impression of King Byrne I.

King Byrne I was the king of Great Kourend for nearly 4 decades. Byrne was originally a farmer, who one day witnessed a child, who worked on the same field, being murdered by a lizardman guard. Outraged, he singlehandedly killed the lizardman, with whole town as witnesses. After that, urging the people to fight back, people started to fight back and within 7 days, the lizardmen were outnumbered and driven beyond the kingdom in the Kebos Lowlands. During the revolt, the temple that surrounded the Dark Altar was destroyed, further weakening powers of Xeric and forcing him to exile, travelling west to Mount Quidamortem.

After the successful revolt against Xeric, Byrne was crowned king of Great Kourend on 339 - 47, and ruled for three decades as King Byrne I, and his son King Byrne II ruled for another two decades after his father.

Player can find Byrne's coronation speech in the Arceuus Library.

A portrait of King Byrne I can be found in Kourend castle, ground floor.

King Byrne I, along with other rulers of the Great Kourend, is mentioned in Timeline.

Predecessor Title Successor
Xeric Monarch of Great Kourend King Byrne II