King Kharedst III

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King Kharedst III was ruler of Great Kourend during the 132nd to 135th decade. The war with Varlamore presumably had ended sometime before or during his reign, and in the hope of repairing the relationship between Kourend and Varlamore, which had been destroyed after the war, the King ordered an envoy be sent to Varlamore to transport the Royal Accord of Twill to be displayed in the Grand Museum of Civitas illa Fortis. However, the Accord became lost at sea, and remained so until it was recovered by Artur Hosidius in the 141st decade.

King Kharedst III, along with other rulers of the Great Kourend, is mentioned in Timeline.

Predecessor Title Successor
King Karreig II Monarch of Great Kourend King Kharedst IV