King Roald II

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King Roald II was the former king of Misthalin. King Roald II is known to have ruled in at least year 143 of the Fifth Age, and was the present king's father. It was he who made the proclamation stating that whoever returned the Shield of Arrav would receive 1200gp,[1][2] as it was in his time that it was stolen.

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Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Certificate (Shield of Arrav), Old School RuneScape. "I recommend to his majesty, King Roald III, that the bearer is rewarded as per Proclimation 252 of the year 143 in the 5th age, by King Roald II."
  2. ^ Book (Shield of Arrav), Old School RuneScape. "As a result, the current ruler, King Roald, put a 1200 gold bounty (a massive sum of money in those days) on the return of the shield."
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