King Vargas

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King Vargas
King Vargas.png
Released29 November 2004 (Update)
RaceYeti (formerly human)
QuestThrone of Miscellania
Royal Trouble
ExamineHe's in no state to rule a kingdom.
Advanced data
NPC ID3668
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King Vargas is the king of the island of Miscellania. He was turned into a Yeti, which made him unsuitable to rule as king, and therefore he attempted to find a regent. He appoints the player as regent in his stead after completing the Throne of Miscellania quest and engaging them to one of his children.

He seems to be possessive of his land, and without the player knowing it, he seems to try to take back his land. He also occasionally makes decisions for the player when they are not there.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

King Vargas was the ruler of Miscellania, having a small family - his unnamed wife, along with Prince Brand and Princess Astrid. He was popular with his subjects, working alongside them. Due to the small size of Miscellania, he also authorized the construction of the Miscellanian underground, hiring several dwarves to help expand the caverns underneath the castle.

Following a dispute with the Queen Sigrid of the Kingdom of Etceteria, Vargas declared war, although the small population of both sides meant that it was nothing more than trading insults.

Relinquishing Control[edit | edit source]

Vargas' huge size meant that he could no longer rule Miscellania properly, though he could not find a suitable successor; by Miscellanian tradition, only those related to the family could succeed him, but he felt that his children were not ready to rule yet. In the year 169 of the Fifth Age, a Fremennik adventurer had an audience with Vargas, who agreed to abdicate if they could prove themselves to be a worthy diplomat, believing they were capable of fighting. The adventurer managed to broker a peace with Queen Sigrid, who drafted a treaty which required his signature; as Vargas was too large to use a regular pen, they had a local smith create a giant nib for him to use instead.

Vargas then told the adventurer that because they weren't royalty, they would have to convince his son or daughter to marry them, and gain the support of the population. Once they did those, Vargas then abdicated the throne in a brief ceremony, entrusting the adventurer as the ruler of his kingdom.

Royal Troubles[edit | edit source]

Early in the new Regent's rule, Vargas soon learned from his people that their supplies were taken, and the perpetrators were none other than Etceterian soldiers. Without investigating further, he immediately declared war on Etceteria; Queen Sigrid soon heard from her subjects that their supplies were taken from Miscellanian soldiers, and subsequently declared war on Miscellania too. He had originally wanted to go back to adventuring, but the doors had not been enlarged to allow him to leave.

The Regent soon investigated on Vargas's behalf and learned that Etceterian soldiers demanded a tithe. Vargas was surprised that Sigrid had somehow amassed an army and sent them to her to learn the truth. Sigrid in turn tasked them to investigate her people, who told them that a Miscellanian army had arrived to demand tithes. As both kingdoms did not have the population to amass an army, the Regent returned to Vargas, who believed that they must have come from the outside. The sailor who brought them to the island told them that he had brought five kids from Rellekka who claimed they were visiting relatives in the dungeon. Following on this lead, Vargas had forgotten to tell them about the underground system, advising them to tackle any dangers there may be inside, and also gave them a scroll issuing them clearance as the guard on duty was a recent hire.

The Regent soon discovered the missing goods and the perpetrators behind them; the arrivals from Rellekka, who stole the goods from both kingdoms after failing their trials. They intended to give them back so that they could be recognised as diplomats by their family, but this plan went awry when a massive sea snake terrified them. The Regent dispatched of the monster and recovered the missing items. Vargas learned the perpetrators were the arrivals from Rellekka, having been warned of the Council by them, remarking that they must have been incredibly useless if they couldn't pass such simple trials. He asked them if they had the stolen goods with them, but the Regent told him that they couldn't carry all of them, so Vargas had his people collect the items shortly afterwards. The Regent also handed him a letter from Sigrid, who wished to learn more about him. Vargas thanked the Regent for solving the problem, and told them that the Etceterians were also willing to work for them.