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The houses where the Kourend Council members live.

Kingstown is a small district found just outside the Kourend Castle. Here, players can find the houses of the four members of the Kourend Council, although it is not known which council members lives in which house, save Councillor Hughes before her arrest during the events of The Queen of Thieves.

Outside the councillors houses, Martin Holt and four other protesters can be seen protesting against the Kourend Council, accusing them of corruption and expressing their desire for a king to rule Great Kourend once more.

The district also has a park east of the councillor's residences. Here, Reshi, Kendall and Thomdril, travelling students from the College of Bards in Varlamore, can be seen camping and playing music. In the nearby pond, players can fish salmon, trout, pikes and sardine.

Kingstown map.png
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