Kitten (Gertrude's Cat)

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This article is about the NPC that appears during the quest. For the pet players can receive afterwards, see Kitten.

A Kitten is the offspring of Fluffs that appears during the Gertrude's Cat quest. It was separated from its mother within the Lumber Yard, and must be retrieved from a crate to obtain it as an item, which must then be taken to Fluffs. If the item is instead dropped, the kitten will appear on the ground and run back to a crate.

If players speak to Fluffs after Icthlarin's Little Helper with a catspeak amulet, she will thank them for finding her kitten, and admits she has a difficult time keeping track of them.[1]

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  1. Gertrude's cat (NPC), "Gertrude's Cat", Old School RuneScape. "Well, I should thank you for finding my kitten that time. I have a terrible time keeping track of them, and I never know how many Gertrude has managed to sell."