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A group of players fighting Kree'arra and his bodyguards.

This is a guide to defeating Kree'arra, the Armadyl-aligned general in the God Wars Dungeon.

As Kree'arra is airborne, regular melee attacks will not work; instead, Ranged or Magic must be used to fight him. A salamander is the only melee option.

Kree'arra and his minions count toward aviansie Slayer tasks; Slayer helm (i) and black mask (i) both give the 15% accuracy and damage boost to those on task.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Quest requirements[edit | edit source]

Other requirements[edit | edit source]

Suggested skills[edit | edit source]

  • Combat level 85+ (Required, 100+ Recommended)
  • Ranged 70+ (80+ Recommended)
  • Defence 70+ (80+ Recommended)
  • Magic 92+ (Blood Barrage)
  • Hitpoints 70+ (80+ Recommended)
  • Prayer 44+ (Eagle Eye)

Strategy[edit | edit source]

General Strategy[edit | edit source]

When starting a trip at Kree'arra, many players prefer using an ecumenical key to skip kill count, as Armadylean kill count is relatively slow.

Kree'arra, unlike the other generals, utilises all three forms of combat. Offensively, he possesses 300 Attack, 200 Strength, 200 Magic and 380 Ranged, with +136 melee accuracy, +12 melee strength, +120 ranged accuracy, and +50 ranged strength. He is arguably the most defensive general of the four, with a Defence level of 260, possessing +180 stab, slash and crush (even though he can't be attacked with normal melee) and +200 magic and ranged bonuses.

By default, Kree'arra attacks with ranged and magic. The ranged attack consists of grey dust tornadoes, while the magic attack is a blue dust tornado. Kree'arra's magic attack is classified as ranged magic, meaning that its accuracy rolls against the player's ranged defence bonuses, rather than magic. The ranged attack deals up to 71 damage, while his magic attack deals up to 21. Both of these attacks hit all players in the room, and can knock the player back a tile unless they are standing in the corners of the chamber. It is important to keep Protect from Missiles on at all times while Kree'arra is alive, or players will meet a swift death.

Should Kree'arra not be targeted, he will go up to his target and swipe his talons at them, dealing up to 26 damage.

Kree'arra has three bodyguards; Flight Kilisa, Wingman Skree and Flockleader Geerin, who use melee, magic and ranged respectively, dealing up to 15, 16 and 25 damage respectively. Only Kilisa will be a threat, as Skree is unlikely to hit due to ranged armour being resistant to magic attacks, and the player is protected from Geerin's attacks.

When killed, Kree'arra and his bodyguards will drop bones, which can be converted into peaches with bones to peaches tablets. Peaches heal for 8 health, so the player can heal for 32 health after each encounter with Kree'arra and his bodyguards. The bodyguards occasionally drop two manta rays or three mushroom potatoes, which heal for 44 and 60 health respectively. These should be juggled if inventory is full.

Solo[edit | edit source]

In solo encounters, the most commonly accepted method of killing Kree'arra is to use red or black chinchompas. Due to Kree'arra's unreasonably high defensive bonuses, hitting him is significantly harder compared to the other generals. Chinchompas roll accuracy based on the player's current target; if the hit is successful, then all other monsters in range will generally take damage regardless of their Defence level and bonuses.

To utilise the chinchompa method, the player must have both targets near or directly on each other. Monsters with a 2x2 or larger size hitboxes are to the south-west, where bolts and what drops the monster gives upon death are also placed on.

It is important that when utilising the chinchompa method, Kree'arra must be targeted off-tick (when the player is not attacking); otherwise, he will attempt to use Melee.

When an untouched room is entered, Kree'arra and his minions will be wandering around. Players should move to the south-western corner of the chamber to line up both Kree'arra and Kilisa. The player throws the chinchompas at Kilisa, allowing the chinchompas to damage Kree'arra in the process. Kilisa will clearly die before Kree'arra does at the start of the encounter, so switch to your crossbow or twisted bow to kill Kree'arra. If Kilisa respawns before Kree'arra dies, then let her come to the player before switching to chinchompas.

When the room is cleared and Kree'arra respawns, when he attempts to melee the player, his hitboxes will also collide with Geerin, allowing chinchompas to be used on both of them for equal effect. The primary advantage of two chinchompa targets allows players to maintain more consistent damage, although there are also a few disadvantages in doing so; if the player's reflexes are too slow, Kree'arra will move out of the chinchompa's AoE, forcing the player to fully lure Kree'arra in onto Kilisa, and also reduces the overall amount of health healed if Geerin does not respawn before Kree'arra dies.

Both crossbows and the twisted bow have an attack rate of 6 when used on Accurate/Long Range, and 5 on Rapid. This means the player attacks every 3.6 and 3.0 seconds respectively. Kree'arra has an attack speed of 3, or 1.8 seconds, so walk under him after every shot to reduce his attack rate.

When Kree'arra dies, switch to your toxic blowpipe and kill off Skree. Kilisa and Geerin can be stacked for Blood Barrage, unless Kilisa is dead or on low health, in which the player should use Blood Blitz on Geerin instead. Geerin and Skree will generally attack on different ticks (as Skree spawns all the way to the east, out of visible range when standing on the western edge), allowing their attacks to be flicked. It is also possible to flick all three bodyguards' attacks if they attack on different ticks, which saves even more food.

Team[edit | edit source]

In team encounters, all players will take damage from Kree'arra's attacks, so there is no designated tank. Players should opt for the strongest crossbow (or a twisted bow if possessed) with ruby and diamond enchanted bolts, and switch to a blowpipe when he dies to deal with the minions.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

By using chinchompas, one can kill Kree'arra quickly even if they are soloing, though it is also expensive.
To use this method, stand in the south-western corner of the room and wait for both Kree'arra and Flight Kilisa, the melee bodyguard, to close in on you.
When both are in position, start throwing chinchompas at Flight Kilisa; the chinchompas will almost always hit her due to her lower Defence, and the AoE will bounce onto Kree'arra as any other NPC indirectly hit by a chinchompa typically receive damage.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Bow of faerdhinen.pngToxic blowpipe.pngBastion potion(4).pngBastion potion(4).png
Kodai wand.pngEcumenical key.pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).png
Saradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).pngSaradomin brew(4).png
Super restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).png
Super restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).png
Super restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngSuper restore(4).pngBronze crossbow.png
Mith grapple.pngBones to peaches (tablet).pngTeleport to house (tablet).pngRune pouch.png
Death rune.png1500Blood rune.png1500Soul rune.png375
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Used in the event Flight Kilisa is killed too fast, and Kree'arra is still alive.
  2. ^ 2.0 2.1 Respective god items must be worn at all times prior to entering an area plagued with a god or gods' followers. The god item can be swapped or removed when entering the boss room since the boss is aggressive regardless.
  3. ^ 3.0 3.1 Drop two Saradomin brews upon teleporting, and use an amulet of glory or a ring of dueling teleport to grab two more brews and another Trollheim Teleport. See the drop trick.
  4. ^ (for special attacking only to 50% health).
  5. ^ Ruby bolts (e) are used only for special attacks until half of the foe's overall health remains. Afterwards, switch to the primary bolt, diamond bolts (e). Note: only use ruby bolts if you are under 90 Range. Otherwise, use diamond bolts for the entire kill.