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Although other Slayer master tasks may be completed in both Wilderness and mainland locations, all of Krystilia's tasks must be done in the Wilderness. That means players should only take gear they are willing to lose.

Warning: Assess and mitigate risks, and do not ever take any items you cannot afford to lose!

Map of the Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Wilderness map.png

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Krystilia has no requirements, but players should be sufficient enough to survive in the Wilderness. They should also possess decent stats since she can assign monsters ranging from Combat level 8 to 470, especially in terms of Wilderness bosses.

Suggested skills[edit | edit source]

Agility[edit | edit source]

High Agility is an advantage in the Wilderness. The energy restoration rate is useful, since you often need to travel longer distances on foot in the Wilderness. Furthermore, run energy may be important when fleeing player killers. Additionally, access to the following shortcuts may make both travel and fleeing easier:

Equipment[edit | edit source]

As you are in the Wilderness, the last thing you want to do is skull, so set player options to hidden. Skulling in the Wilderness means you are limited to keeping only one item in Items Kept on Death only if Protect Item is activated and not deactivated by Smite. If you die while skulled while Protect Item was deactivated or smited, you will lose all items.

Note: Also, Accept Aid should be set to off. There is no reason to have it on otherwise.

This setup is aimed for players who wish to boost Slayer points through Wilderness Slayer. Craw's bow is the best weapon to use for most tasks, but for some tasks toxic blowpipe is better due to its higher attack speed. Players should bring 4 expensive items and the rest of the equipment should be cheap that the player will not mind losing.

Recommended equipment for Ranged
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadSlayer helmet (i).pngSlayer helmet (i)Black mask (i).pngBlack mask (i)N/A
NeckNecklace of anguish.pngNecklace of anguishAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryBurning amulet.pngBurning amulet / Games necklace.pngGames necklace [1]
BackAva's assembler.pngAva's assemblerAva's accumulator.pngAva's accumulatorRanging cape.pngRanging cape
BodyBlack d'hide body.pngBlack d'hide bodyN/AN/A
LegsBlack d'hide chaps.pngBlack d'hide chapsN/AN/A
WeaponCraw's bow.pngCraw's bowToxic blowpipe.pngToxic blowpipeN/A
Ammo/SpellRada's blessing 4.pngRada's blessing 4God blessing.gifGod blessing / Rada's blessing 3.pngRada's blessing 3/2N/A
GlovesExpeditious bracelet.pngExpeditious braceletN/AN/A
BootsSnakeskin boots.pngSnakeskin bootsN/AN/A
RingRing of wealth (i).pngRing of wealth (i) / Ring of wealth.pngRing of wealthExplorer's ring 4.pngExplorer's ringRing of dueling.pngRing of dueling

Recommended equipment for Dragonhide (Melee + Ranged)
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadSlayer helmet (i).pngSlayer helmet (i)Black mask (i).pngBlack mask (i)Serpentine helm.pngSerpentine helm / Verac's helm.pngVerac's helm or Archer helm.pngArcher helmHelm of neitiznot.pngHelm of neitiznotRune full helm.pngRune full helm / Rune med helm.pngRune med helm
NeckAmulet of torture.pngAmulet of torture or Necklace of anguish.pngNecklace of anguishAmulet of fury.pngAmulet of furyAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of glory / Amulet of power.pngAmulet of powerBurning amulet.pngBurning amulet / Games necklace.pngGames necklace [1]N/A
BackRanging cape.pngRanging cape / Ava's accumulator.pngAva's accumulatorMythical cape.pngMythical capeCape of legends.pngCape of legendsArdougne cloak 4.pngArdougne cloak 4 / Ardougne cloak 3.pngArdougne cloak 3 / Ardougne cloak 2.pngArdougne cloak 2Spottier cape.pngSpottier cape
BodyBlack d'hide body.pngBlack d'hide bodyRed d'hide body.pngRed d'hide bodyBlue d'hide body.pngBlue d'hide bodyGreen d'hide body.pngGreen d'hide bodyN/A
LegsVerac's plateskirt.pngVerac's plateskirt / Black d'hide chaps.pngBlack d'hide chapsTorag's platelegs.pngTorag's platelegs / Dharok's platelegs.pngDharok's platelegs (Melee) or Red d'hide chaps.pngRed d'hide chaps (Ranged)Rune platelegs.pngRune platelegs / Rune plateskirt.pngRune plateskirt (Melee) or Blue d'hide chaps.pngBlue d'hide chaps (Ranged)Black d'hide chaps.pngBlack d'hide chaps or Green d'hide chaps.pngGreen d'hide chapsN/A
WeaponZamorakian hasta.pngZamorakian hasta / Toxic blowpipe.pngToxic blowpipeAbyssal dagger.pngAbyssal dagger / Rune crossbow.pngRune crossbowAbyssal tentacle.pngAbyssal tentacleAbyssal whip.pngAbyssal whip / Saradomin sword.pngSaradomin swordDragon scimitar.pngDragon scimitar / Dragon dagger(p++).pngDragon dagger(p++)
ShieldDragon defender.pngDragon defender / Book of law.pngBook of lawRune defender.pngRune defender / Unholy book.pngUnholy bookBook of balance.pngBook of balanceN/AN/A
Ammo/SpellRada's blessing 4.pngRada's blessing 4 (Melee or Toxic blowpipe)God blessing.gifGod blessing / Rada's blessing 3.pngRada's blessing 3/2 (Melee or Toxic blowpipe)Broad bolts 5.pngBroad bolts / Adamant bolts 5.pngAdamant bolts (Rune crossbow)N/AN/A
GlovesBarrows gloves.pngBarrows gloves / Black d'hide vambraces.pngBlack d'hide vambracesRune gloves.pngRune gloves / Red d'hide vambraces.pngRed d'hide vambracesAdamant gloves.pngAdamant gloves / Blue d'hide vambraces.pngBlue d'hide vambracesMithril gloves.pngMithril gloves / Green d'hide vambraces.pngGreen d'hide vambracesCombat bracelet.pngCombat bracelet / Spiky vambraces.pngSpiky vambraces
BootsDragon boots.pngDragon boots / Snakeskin boots.pngSnakeskin bootsClimbing boots.pngClimbing boots / Rune boots.pngRune bootsAdamant boots.pngAdamant bootsN/AN/A
RingRing of wealth (i).pngRing of wealth (i) / Explorer's ring 4.pngExplorer's ringRing of life.pngRing of life (below level 30 Wilderness) / Ring of recoil.pngRing of recoilSlayer ring.pngSlayer ringN/AN/A

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 To save space and if using as a means of teleportation
  2. For prayer

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Note: A lockpick is needed to open the Axe Hut to slay magic axes.

Looting bag detail.png

For the inventory, you want to bring food, a looting bag, and some runes for spell-casting and/or teleporting if using. Also, a one-click teleport is recommended especially if in sub-level 29 Wilderness.

Dragonstone amulet detail.png

If in Deep Wilderness, you will have to either run down to lower-level Wilderness or to a teleport point, such as an obelisk or the Wilderness lever. Dragonstone teleportation jewellery (namely Amulet of glory, Combat bracelet, Ring of wealth or Skills necklace) or the royal seed pod can teleport you out, up to level 30 Wilderness.

Prayer potion(4) detail.png

A Dinh's bulwark provides huge defensive bonuses and can be used to escape player killers if you can afford one. Also, although optional, bringing and switching to a fun weapon for attacking any monster in single-way combat to try escaping via the X-logging method can increase chances of survival, especially in deeper Wilderness levels.

Super combat potion(4) detail.png

Potions are completely optional, but if using Prayer, then several prayer potions are mandatory. If taking potions, it is recommended to take a (Super) combat potion (or Ranging potion if using Ranged) to spare inventory space.

Monkfish detail.png

As for food, it is recommended to fill the rest of your inventory with at least lobsters, preferably monkfish, or better.

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]