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Kudos is given to players who contribute to the Varrock Museum. Several rewards are unlocked once the player has achieved enough kudos.

Members can earn a total of 230 kudos from activities through the museum, while free-to-players can only earn the five kudos from handing in ancient relics. Players can see a list of activities by right-clicking the information booth on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US].

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Kudos is never spent, only accrued. The following rewards will be unlocked at certain thresholds:

Kudos Reward
51 Antique lamp granting Mining 1,000 Mining experience from the information clerk.
100 Access to the Bone Voyage quest, which unlocks Fossil Island.
101 Antique lamp granting Crafting 2,500 Crafting and Mining 3,500 Mining experience from the information clerk.
150 Access to the Volcanic Mine on Fossil Island.
151 Antique lamp granting 4,000 experience in Crafting Crafting, Hunter Hunter, Prayer Prayer, Slayer Slayer, and Smithing Smithing from the information clerk.
153 Required for the Varrock hard diary. Grants entrance to the Digsite via the workman's gate.

Ancient relics[edit | edit source]

Access to the Ruins of Camdozaal is granted after completion of the quest Below Ice Mountain. You can find Barronite deposits while mining in this fallen city. These can be cracked open with a hammer at the barronite crusher for a chance to uncover an ancient relic, which may be donated to Curator Haig Halen on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the museum. Donating a relic for the first time awards one single kudos and 200 coins, while every subsequent copy of that relic grants 100 coins. There are five relics in total, thus 5 kudos and 1,000 coins may be earned this way.

Artefact Kudos
Ancient globe.png Ancient globe 1
Ancient ledger.png Ancient ledger 1
Ancient astroscope.png Ancient astroscope 1
Ancient treatise.png Ancient treatise 1
Ancient carcanet.png Ancient carcanet 1

This is the only activity that is available in free-to-play.

Uncleaned finds[edit | edit source]

The southern part of the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] is partitioned off for the processing of incoming samples from the Digsite. After completion of The Dig Site, players may participate in cleaning uncleaned finds from the Digsite. Several items are required for this activity, all of which can be collected from the tool rack on the south wall in this area. Players must be wearing leather boots and gloves and have a trowel, rock pick and specimen brush in their inventory.

Players can take as many uncleaned finds from the specimen rock pile as desired, which can then be cleaned when used on an empty specimen table. Several items can be found while cleaning the finds, most of which have no value to the museum and can be kept by the player. Pottery, jewellery, old chipped vases and arrowheads found here can be deposited in the storage crate in return for useful items, including a rare antique lamp that grants 500 experience in a skill of at least level 10.

The below artefacts can be shown to any archaeologist in the room. They will then tell the player to put the object in a display case, for a reward of 10 kudos. There are five such items, for a total of 50 kudos. Except for pottery, players will stop finding the artefacts that they have put on display.

Item Placement Kudos
Pottery.png Pottery Display case 22[1] 10
Old symbol.png Old symbol Display case 36 10
Ancient symbol.png Ancient symbol Display case 37 10
Ancient coin.png Ancient coin Display case 44 10
Old coin.png Old coin Display case 45 10
  1. ^ Unlike the other display cases, this case is already partially occupied.

Another item of value is the clean necklace. Once this is shown to an archaeologist, the player gains the ability to enchant ruby necklaces into Digsite pendants with the Lvl-3 Enchant spell (with Magic level 49).

Natural history quiz[edit | edit source]

The natural history exhibit is located below on the first basement floor. Here, players may talk to Orlando Smith to commence a natural history quiz about the creatures featured here. After listening to his lecture, you may answer the questions shown on each of the plaques in front of the display cases. Other natural historians can help you with solving these.

Answering at least three questions right on a plaque completes the quiz about that animal, awarding 2 kudos. There are fourteen display cases, thus a total of 28 kudos can be earned from these questions. When you have completed the natural history quiz entirely, you may talk to Orlando for an additional reward of 1,000 experience in both Slayer and Hunter, which could boost these skills from level 1 to 9.

Timeline displays[edit | edit source]

The 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the museum.

You may exchange information about several completed quests for kudos with Historian Minas, found on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the museum, right next to the stairs. You may earn up to 75 kudos this way. Additionally, some of the quests award antique lamps, for a total of 13,000 experience in chosen skills.

Quests that grant rewards
Quest Display Antique lamp (min. level) Kudos
Demon Slayer 25 N/A 5
Rune Mysteries 21 N/A 5
Shield of Arrav 24 1,000 experience (level 20) 5
A Tail of Two Cats 20 N/A 5
Hazeel Cult 7 N/A 5
In Aid of the Myreque 23 N/A 5
Making History 46 1,000 experience (level 20) 5
Merlin's Crystal 9 1,000 experience (level 20) 5
Observatory Quest 17 N/A 5
Priest in Peril 23 N/A 5
Temple of Ikov 28 N/A 5
The Grand Tree 10 N/A 5
What Lies Below[1] 3 N/A 5
Curse of the Empty Lord 16 10,000 experience (level 50) 10
Total 13,000 experience 75
  1. ^ Requires the book Dagon'hai history from the Varrock Palace library.

Fossil displays[edit | edit source]

You will unlock the Bone Voyage quest after completing The Dig Site and earning at least 100 kudos. Completing this quest subsequently unlocks Fossil Island. While doing certain activities on this island, you may encounter unidentified fossils. These can be cleaned and identified on the island or in this museum. The cleaned fossils can then be added to the fossil displays on the second basement floor, the lowest floor of the museum.

Five fossils of the same type are required to complete a corresponding display. Completing a display awards 2 kudos and an antique lamp that rewards either 2,000, 3,500 or 5,000 experience in a chosen skill. There are a total of 36 displays in this exhibit, which amounts to a total of 72 kudos and 120,000 experience.

Display type Amount Fossils required Antique lamp (min. level) Kudos
Unidentified small fossil.png Small display 14 70 small fossils 2,000 experience (level 20) 28
Unidentified medium fossil.png Medium display 12 60 medium fossils 3,500 experience (level 30) 24
Unidentified large fossil.png Plant display 5 25 large fossils (plant)[d 1] 5,000 experience (level 35) 10
Unidentified large fossil.png Large display 5 25 large fossils (regular)[d 1] 5,000 experience (level 35) 10
Total 36 displays 180 fossils 120,000 experience 72
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 Note that large unidentified fossils have an equal chance of either being a regular large fossil or a plant fossil. Because of this, you might require finding more than 50 large fossils to fill all displays.