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Ladders are used to go up and down to the next or previous level of the RuneScape game. This is a very common piece of scenery found throughout RuneScape. They come in many varieties; ghostly (such as the one at the entrance to Damis' Lair), broken, and regular (commonly found throughout Gielinor). Users cannot ascend or descend 'broken' ladders.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a ladder that can be seen from the Void Knight's boat in Port Sarim. This ladder is located to the north-east of the boat, cannot be climbed, and seems to lead into the ocean. The examine text for this specific ladder reads, "I'm not allowed to climb this ladder." Which is the same examine text you get when examining the ladder on the Void Knight's boat's ladder.
  • There are many 'unusable' ladders throughout RuneScape, many of which can be found at ports and on the docks. Among these unusable ladders are the two ladders in the bank at Tutorial Island. When you try to climb up it, "Nothing interesting happens."
  • There was a glitch where after players had gone up a ladder, they would not be able to get down. They were also able to roam anywhere.
  • In the past, the ladder leading up to Port Phasmatys from the pub's brewing vat and the ladders in Lletya were spelled with a lower case "L" for a very long time. These errors were rectified during an unknown hidden update.

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