Lady Iorwerth

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Lady Iorwerth was the former leader of the Iorwerth Clan through at least some part of the Third Age and most of the Fourth Age. She was the mother of Lord Iorwerth, and one of the leaders of Prifddinas. At some point during the Fourth Age, her son broke one of the nine seals in the Grand Library learning about the existence of a Fragment of Seren sealed away within the Temple of Light. Not knowing the true identity and nature of the fragment, who he misinterpreted as the elven goddess herself, her son became obsessed with finding and freeing it. When he went to inform Lady Iorwerth of his finding, she brushed him off, but willing to do anything to bring Seren back, Lord Iorwerth killed her remorselessly and assumed her leadership over the Iorwerth Clan and eventually the rest of Prifddinas.