Lament of Meiyerditch

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Lament of Meiyerditch (#415)
Released 4 September 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Meiyerditch
Unlock hint This track unlocks during Darkness of Hallowvale.
Quest No
Duration 05:43
Composer Ian Taylor
Advanced data
Cache ID 197

Lament of Meiyerditch is a music track that is unlocked in the city of Meiyerditch in sectors one through four. It can also be heard in the Meiyerditch mine, laboratory, Myreque hideout, and the basement of Old Man Ral's house. During the fight with the abomination, this track is replaced with Bait.

It can also be unlocked by walking along the walls of Meiyerditch, regardless of whether you've started Darkness of Hallowvale or not.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to release, this track had the title Lament of Mieyerditch.