Lassar Teleport

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Lassar Teleport
Lassar Teleport.png
Released 18 April 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Level Magic 72
Spellbook Ancient
Type Teleport
Experience 82
Runes 4Water 2Law
Casting speed 5 ticks
Description A teleportation spell
Ancient teleport.gif
Sound Effect
Lassar Teleport icon (mobile).png

Lassar Teleport requires a Magic level of 72 to cast. It teleports the caster to the top of Ice Mountain.

It is the teleport nearest to icefiends, which is useful if they are assigned as a Slayer task. Other potential uses of the teleport include retrieving a lost Dwarf Cannon from the nearby Dwarven Mine, accessing the Ruins of Camdozaal and speaking to the Oracle for a clue scroll.

As with all Ancient Magicks spells, the quest Desert Treasure must be completed to cast this spell.

This is one of the few teleports that you cannot put in a Player-Owned House Portal Chamber or Portal Nexus.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
2Law rune.png4Water rune.png308
Combo runes
2Law rune.png4Mud rune.png836
2Law rune.png4Steam rune.png852
2Law rune.png4Mist rune.png864
2Law rune.pngStaff of water.pngAlt288
2Law rune.pngTome of water.png288