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This article is about the minigame. For the music track, see Last Man Standing (music track).
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Last Man Standing, commonly referred to as LMS, is a player-versus-player battle royale style minigame in which the player, along with 3-23 others, are transported onto an island where they must fight for survival, killing each other and looting any items they can to become the titular last man standing.

Players can begin the minigame by speaking to Lisa, located in Ferox Enclave. Items cannot be brought into the minigame; any items in the player's possession are temporarily taken away for the duration of the game, and are returned upon leaving the game. Alternatively, a bank deposit box near Lisa can be used to deposit all of the player's items.

The Last Man Standing lobby in Ferox Enclave.

Upon speaking to Lisa, players will be given the choice to participate in one of three game modes:

  • Casual - Players can participate without reward and can begin a game with four players, though their rank on the highscores are not affected.
  • Competitive - Only playable on members' worlds, players are rewarded points for playing and their rank on the highscores are affected. There must be 24 participants to begin a competitive game. After a game of competitive, the players rating will get updated and displayed in the chat window.
  • High Stakes - Like competitive mode, but players must pay 500,000 coins to enter. This game mode is not always active; it is enabled by the Old School Team at their discretion. High Stakes cannot be played by Ironman accounts.

Official worlds[edit | edit source]

Unlike most minigames, Last Man Standing can only be played on certain worlds. It should be noted that there are no differences in gameplay between free-to-play and members, as the items used within the minigame, which includes various equipment usually exclusive to members, cannot be brought outside. This makes the minigame the only place where free-to-play players can perform special attacks with the weapons provided and use Ancient Magicks.

Please note that the worlds are often rotated and this table may not be up to date.

World Location Members Activity
326 United Kingdom flag.png United Kingdom Free-to-play LMS Casual
390 Australia flag.png Australia Members LMS Competitive
425 Australia flag.png Australia Free-to-play LMS Casual
469 United States flag.png United States Free-to-play LMS Casual
559 United Kingdom flag.png United Kingdom Members LMS Competitive

Getting there[edit | edit source]

There are three safe methods of reaching Ferox Enclave that does not require players to traverse the Wilderness:

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

A map of Deserted Island with marked locations.
A map of Wild Varrock with marked locations.
A loot crate that occasionally spawns in a broadcasted location.

At the start of the game, a map is chosen from the map pool at random. Currently there are two island maps available (Deserted Island and Wild Varrock), with a 50% chance of either being chosen.

Upon arrival to the island, the player's combat stats, as well as Agility, are boosted to 99 for the duration of the game. The only exception is Defence, which is only boosted to 75. All prayers (excluding Redemption, Smite, Preserve and Retribution) can be used, and the player's spellbook is switched to the Ancient Magicks, even if Desert Treasure is not completed. In addition, players are given infinite run energy as well as infinite prayer. Once the player arrives, the game will begin in 7 seconds.

Upon killing a player, the player's stats, run energy, special attack and supplies are all replenished. Players will also receive a bloody key (or a bloodier key if there are fewer than five players), which they should use on a chest to receive more powerful equipment. During this time, players are also unattackable for 20 seconds, giving them time to find a chest to loot as well as preparing for the next fight against another player.

Items found within the island have different item ids than their normal counterparts. If players somehow were able to smuggle them outside the minigame and attempt to use them, they will disappear instantly.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Players can arrange their inventory and equipment loadout at the supply chest near Lisa.

Players are given a default preset of items that are provided upon arriving, which includes a unique rune pouch that can cast Blood Blitz, Blood Barrage, Ice Blitz and Ice Barrage. A Super Restore, Super combat potion, Saradomin brew and Ranging potion. The supply chest just east of Lisa allows players to arrange their inventory and equipment loadout to their personal preference. It should be noted that players cannot have more than eleven sharks and two cooked karambwans for their loadout, and cannot be picked up from a slain player's loot if they have that same amount of food.

To improve the chance of survival, players must loot chests throughout the island with bloody keys and bloodier keys. Chests opened with bloody keys will roll for an item from two loot tables, one of which contains offensive gear, and the other defensive, while bloodier keys access an upgraded loot table. If an opponent logs out before they are killed, the attacker will still receive a bloody/bloodier key.

There will also be loot crates that may spawn throughout the map; the chat box will broadcast its location to all remaining players. These loot crates can roll on the upgraded loot table.

Below is a list of equipment that can be obtained during the minigame. Mithril seeds are also part of the loot table.

Offensive loot table
Armadyl crossbow.pngArmadyl crossbow Armadyl godsword.pngArmadyl godsword Dark bow.pngDark bow and
Dragon arrow 5.pngDragon arrows
Dragon claws.pngDragon claws
Elder maul.pngElder maul Ghrazi rapier.pngGhrazi rapier Granite maul.pngGranite maul Heavy ballista.pngHeavy ballista and
Dragon javelin.pngDragon javelins
Infernal cape.pngInfernal cape Mage's book.pngMage's book Occult necklace.pngOccult necklace Kodai wand.pngKodai wand
Seers ring (i).pngSeers ring (i) Staff of the dead.pngStaff of the dead
Defensive loot table
Ahrim's robetop.pngAhrim's robetop Ahrim's robeskirt.pngAhrim's robeskirt Amulet of fury.pngAmulet of fury Ancestral hat.pngAncestral hat
Bandos tassets.pngBandos tassets Blessed spirit shield.pngBlessed spirit shield Dharok's armour set.pngDharok's armour set Eternal boots.pngEternal boots
Guthan's helm.pngGuthan's helm Karil's leathertop.pngKaril's leathertop Torag's helm.pngTorag's helm Torag's platelegs.pngTorag's platelegs
Verac's helm.pngVerac's helm Verac's plateskirt.pngVerac's plateskirt
Upgraded offensive loot table
Morrigan's javelin.pngMorrigan's javelin x1,000 Vesta's longsword.pngVesta's longsword Statius's warhammer.pngStatius's warhammer Volatile nightmare staff.pngVolatile nightmare staff
Zuriel's staff.pngZuriel's staff

Fog[edit | edit source]

The fog begins to settle in, damaging any player in its vicinity.

After a minute, the game will broadcast that lethal fog will soon fill the island, and the safe zone that players must travel to, in order to avoid damage from the fog, which will be indicated by fog markers (appearing as glowing orbs) and a yellow arrow.

Players who aren't in the safe zone after 9 minutes and 10 seconds will take rapid damage, beginning at approximately 1 damage per tick, but steadily increasing to 10 damage per tick.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Playing a casual game yields no rewards. In competitive games, players are given a certain amount of points based on their performance in a game[1]:

  • 1st place - 5 points
  • 2nd place - 4 points
  • 3rd/4th place - 3 points
  • 5th-9th place - 2 points
  • 10th-19th place - 1 point
  • Bonus Points (do not stack with each other):
    • 3 kills - 1 point
    • 5 kills - 2 points

Note: Players must kill at least one player before being awarded any points.

These points can be exchanged for reward items at Justine's reward shop, Justine's stuff for the Last Shopper Standing. Each point is worth up to 42,967 for members or 39,838 for free-to-play.

High stakes rewards[edit | edit source]

For high stakes games, the sole survivor of the match will win 7,500,000 coins and the runner-up is awarded 2,500,000 coins, which is put into a chest near Justine where it may be claimed anytime by the player. For players in third to fifth place, they will have their next high stakes game free of charge.

Since a minimum of 24 players are needed to enter the game, 12,000,000 coins are put into the match. 10,000,000 of that are redistributed to the last two players and three players get free access to their next game, removing 1,500,000 coins that are put into a single match, meaning that Last Man Standing acts as a money sink with a minimum of 500,000 coins leaving the game per high stakes match.

Ranking[edit | edit source]

Players have a rank that can decrease, increase, or stay the same depending on their performance each game.

Title Range
Novice 0 - 599
Veteran 600 - 749
Master 750 - 999
Legend 1000+

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
22 September 2021

Last Man Standing now grants kill credit more reliably for players standing on the outskirts of the Dark Varrock map.

3 June 2021

Purchasing rewards from the Last Man Standing store now requires 48 hours of playtime as a member.

5 May 2021
  • In Last Man Standing, ancient spells are no longer greyed out for players who have not completed Desert Treasure.
  • The spawn locations for the Wild Varrock Last Man Standing map have been spread out. No more pile ons in the center.
17 February 2021
  • Added a second map to the map pool, Wild Varrock.
  • Free-to-play worlds will no longer have the option to play Competitive LMS.
  • The default Last Man Standing map has been renamed ‘Deserted Island’.
  • Numerous textual fixes for Deserted Island.
  • Added a new loot crate model and animation.
  • Loot chests will no longer visually open unless you have a key, but their functionality remains the same.
  • Added a three-strikes system to reduce abusive behaviour.
13 January 2021

Players with no display name are now barred from Last Man Standing until they set one.

14 October 2020

The win counter now goes up to 32,767.

12 August 2020

The 'damaged by fog' hitsplats in Last Man Standing now show the correct healthbar.

6 August 2020
  • If a player logs out mid-combat, their opponent will be awarded the kill and all related benefits
  • Players must now kill at least one player before being awarded any points.
  • Each point will now be worth an average of 15,000 to 20,000 GP when exchanged for items in Justine’s shop.
  • A typo has been fixed in Last Man Standing.
16 July 2020

The minigame has been moved from the Desert Plateau to Ferox Enclave.

2 April 2020

You will no longer be stuck with the wrong spellbook if you leave the Last Man Standing waiting enclosure before the battle starts.

19 March 2020
  • Competitive Mode entry fee has been removed.
  • Players who show no signs of valid progression during a game will become attackable by other players while in combat with another player.
  • Bloody and bloodier keys now have a chance to give mithril seeds.
13 February 2020
  • Competitive Mode entry fee has been changed back to 10,000 coins.
  • High Stakes entry fee has been increased from 100,000 coins to 500,000 coins.
  • Ironman accounts can no longer participate in High Stakes.
27 January 2020

High Stakes entry fee has been increased from 50,000 to 100,000 coins.

26 September 2019

Wild dogs no longer spawn in the minigame.

19 September 2019
(update | poll)

The Wilderness crabs teleport has been added to the rewards shop.

12 September 2019
  • Crates of loot now spawn in LMS on F2P worlds as they do on members' worlds.
  • The US Last Man Standing world has been moved from world 492 to 469 so that non-members can use it.
5 September 2019
  • The smoke puff animation now has a matching sound when loot crates are opened.
  • The messages at the end of a game have been reordered.
  • The LMS reward shop menu's click-zones have been expanded to include the pictures as well as the text. Pest Control's reward menu has received this change too, for item rewards, and its text colours have been updated to match the clearer ones used in LMS.
  • The description on the LMS coffer has been corrected.
  • NPCs in LMS can now be targeted by members-only Ancient spells on F2P.
  • Players may no longer go up vertical ladders in LMS if they have recently been in combat; this restriction previously applied at some points during a game, but now applies throughout it. The restriction does not stop players climbing down the LMS ladders and does not apply to the diagonal ladders of watchtowers either, since the upper level of those is visible from the ground.
  • XP drops no longer overlap with the HUD.
  • The number of LMS-enabled worlds has been adjusted now that the launch rush has settled down.
2 September 2019

Free-to-play competitive games now require a total level of 150 to participate, unless the player is a member.[2]

29 August 2019

Boosted stats can no longer be taken outside of the minigame.[3]

29 August 2019
(update | poll)
  • Players are now given a default preset of items that are provided upon arriving rather than just a spear.
  • Defence levels for the duration of the game have been increased from 70-75.
  • Prayer points are now unlimited instead of being drained to 10 at the start.
  • Run energy is now unlimited.
  • A map of the island has been added to the world map.
  • Players stats, run energy, special attack energy and supplies are now all replenished upon killing an opponent.
  • Vending shrines and the items obtained from it have been removed.
  • The loot table has been split into offensive and defensive tables, with bloodier keys giving an upgraded loot table containing Ancient Warriors' weapons.
  • Points are now awarded for competitive games, used as the currency for the reward shop.
13 June 2019

Lisa now waits 60 seconds instead of 30 before a game begins in order for other players to join in more easily.

6 June 2019
(update | poll)
  • Casual games of Last Man Standing now begin after 30 seconds of a minimum number of 4 players being in the lobby, making games between friends easier to start. If the lobby reaches 24 players, the game begins immediately.
  • Competitive and high stakes games of Last Man Standing now begin with 24 players, reduced from 48.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

A piece of artwork of the minigame.
  • The rework of the minigame on 29 August 2019 was initially developed on Mod Roq's personal time, and was preceded by two betas to test the new changes.

References[edit | edit source]

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