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A player fighting a lava dragon.

Lava dragons reside on their isle in level 37-43 Wilderness and have such low Magic resistance, making spells as low as Fire Bolt sufficient enough to kill them. They are amongst one of the most lucrative sources of income for high-level players if players can survive being pestered by player-killing clans. Aside from the dangers involved, willing players can travel there and safespot them in hopes of the highly elusive draconic visage.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Reaching the lava dragons.

Players can either use a Games necklace to teleport to the Corporeal Beast lair, Annakarl teleports, make a waka canoe (requires 57 Woodcutting), or use the Wilderness lever. Regardless, there are two access points for Lava Dragon Isle:

  • At 74 Agility and with the Hard Wilderness Diary done, from the Corporeal Beast's cave, exit out heading north, and use the shortcut south of the isle. Banking can be done via an Amulet of glory by going south into level 30 Wilderness and teleporting to Edgeville.
  • Otherwise, the main entrance is the gate in the north, and players without 74 Agility and the diary will have to traverse the deep Wilderness going to and from the Mage Arena bank, which is added danger and risk.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

As always, only bring items you are willing to risk. It is therefore strongly recommended to 3 or 4-item with a top, bottom, weapon and shield, preferably an anti-dragon shield. Anything else should be expendable and easily obtainable, such as God cape, book, or diary items.

At 74 Agility and the Hard Wilderness Diary, an Agility shortcut becomes available for back-door access in the south. Furthermore, completion of the Elite Wilderness Diary grants noted bones in the Wilderness.

Suggested skills[edit | edit source]

  • Magic 75+ or (80+ Recommended)
  • Prayer 43+
  • Defence 70+ (optional)
  • Agility 74+ (optional)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Lava dragons attack with both Melee and dragonfire, so as long as you maintain distance, you'll be safe from their attacks. As you'll be safespotting, your biggest threat is player killers. You want to keep risk to a minimum at all times!

Craw's bow is the most effective weapon to use against lava dragons and is cheaper to use than Magic. However, the revenant ether adds a considerable amount of risk, making the player a somewhat lucrative target to player killers.

Recommended equipment for Ranged
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadArmadyl coif.pngBlessed coifArcher helm.pngArcher helmN/AN/A
NeckNecklace of anguish.pngNecklace of anguishAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryN/AN/A
BackAva's assembler.pngAva's assemblerArdougne cloak 4.pngArdougne cloak 4Capes of accomplishments (trimmed).gif Capes of AccomplishmentAva's accumulator.pngAva's accumulator
BodyArmadyl d'hide body.pngBlessed bodyBlack d'hide body.pngBlack d'hide bodyN/AN/A
LegsArmadyl chaps.pngBlessed chapsBlack d'hide chaps.pngBlack d'hide chapsN/AN/A
WeaponCraw's bow.pngCraw's bowN/AN/AN/A
Ammo/SpellRada's blessing 4.pngRada's blessing 4God blessing.gifGod blessing / Rada's blessing 3.pngRada's blessing 3/2N/AN/A
GlovesBarrows gloves.pngBarrows glovesArmadyl bracers.pngBlessed vambracesBlack d'hide vambraces.pngBlack d'hide vambracesN/A
BootsPegasian boots.pngPegasian bootsRanger boots.pngRanger bootsArmadyl d'hide boots.pngBlessed bootsSnakeskin boots.pngSnakeskin boots
RingRing of wealth (i).pngRing of wealth (i) [1]N/AN/AN/A
  1. For the doubled clue drop chance.

Lava dragons are very weak to Magic, making Magic a viable method for killing them while having minimal risk. Using Thammaron's sceptre with Fire Surge and tome of fire technically offers slightly higher damage output than sanguinesti staff, however this is not recommended as players would have to risk a significant value in runes and revenant ether.

Recommended equipment for Magic
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadHelm of neitiznot.pngHelm of neitiznot [1]Xerician hat.pngXerician hatN/AN/A
NeckOccult necklace.pngOccult necklaceAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryN/AN/A
BackImbued god capes.gif Imbued god cape [2]God capes.gif God capesCapes of accomplishments (trimmed).gif Capes of AccomplishmentArdougne cloak 4.pngArdougne cloak 4
BodyBlack d'hide body.pngBlack d'hide body [3]Xerician top.pngXerician topN/AN/A
LegsBlack d'hide chaps.pngBlack d'hide chaps [3]Xerician robe.pngXerician robeN/AN/A
WeaponSanguinesti staff.pngSanguinesti staffTrident of the swamp.pngTrident of the swampTrident of the seas.pngTrident of the seasIban's staff.pngIban's staff
ShieldBook of darkness.pngBook of darkness / Anti-dragon shield.pngAnti-dragon shieldTome of fire.pngTome of fire [4]N/AN/A
Ammo/SpellRada's blessing 4.pngRada's blessing 4God blessing.gifGod blessing / Rada's blessing 3.pngRada's blessing 3/2N/AN/A
GlovesTormented bracelet.pngTormented braceletBarrows gloves.pngBarrows glovesRune gloves.pngRune glovesN/A
BootsMystic boots.pngMystic bootsN/AN/AN/A
RingRing of wealth (i).pngRing of wealth (i) [5]N/AN/AN/A
  1. Has decent defensive bonuses and is relatively cheap.
  2. Only bring this item if you do not mind potentially losing it.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Equip only when you're being attacked by player killers.
  4. When using Iban's Staff and casting Iban Blast.
  5. For the doubled clue drop chance.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Looting bag detail.png

For the inventory, you want to bring some food, runes if not using a powered staff or Ranged, a looting bag, pestle and mortar (to grind up scales, but optional), and a Games necklace if teleporting to the Corporeal Beast cave. A Stamina potion could help for running, but if taking potions, it's recommended to take a Stamina, Saradomin brew, Super restore, and a Ranging potion if ranging with the latter omitted if maging instead. As for food, it is recommended to take four to six lobsters or better.