Lectern (Ancient)

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The ancient lectern is a lectern found by the altar inside the Jaldraocht Pyramid. It allows players to create magic tablets of teleportation spells from the Ancient Magicks.

To use it players must be on the Ancient spellbook, which can easily be activated at the nearby altar, and have soft clay and the respective runes and Magic level for the teleportation spell in their inventory.

Players can make the following tablets here:

Item GE Price
Paddewwa teleport (tablet).png Paddewwa teleport 687
Senntisten teleport (tablet).png Senntisten teleport 1,309
Annakarl teleport (tablet).png Annakarl teleport 2,553
Carrallangar teleport (tablet).png Carrallangar teleport 1,383
Dareeyak teleport (tablet).png Dareeyak teleport 1,531
Ghorrock teleport (tablet).png Ghorrock teleport 1,493
Kharyrll teleport (tablet).png Kharyrll teleport 1,402
Lassar teleport (tablet).png Lassar teleport 1,000