Lectern (Arceuus)

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The Arceuus lectern is a lectern found in the Ouditor's house in Arceuus. It allows players to create magic tablets of teleportation spells in the Arceuus spellbook.

To use the lectern players must be on the Arceuus Spellbook and have dark essence blocks and the respective runes and Magic level for the teleportation spell. As dark essence blocks require 100% Arceuus favour to obtain, making tablets for Arceuus teleport tablets require 100% Arceuus favour.

Players can make the following tablets here:

Item GE Price
Lumbridge graveyard teleport (tablet).png Lumbridge graveyard teleport 1,244
Draynor manor teleport (tablet).png Draynor manor teleport 1,279
Battlefront teleport (tablet).png Battlefront teleport 1,447
Mind altar teleport (tablet).png Mind altar teleport 1,298
Salve graveyard teleport (tablet).png Salve graveyard teleport 1,556
Fenkenstrain's castle teleport (tablet).png Fenkenstrain's castle teleport 1,481
West ardougne teleport (tablet).png West ardougne teleport 1,646
Harmony island teleport (tablet).png Harmony island teleport 1,716
Cemetery teleport (tablet).png Cemetery teleport 1,868
Barrows teleport (tablet).png Barrows teleport 2,199
Ape atoll teleport (tablet).png Ape atoll teleport 2,513