Lectern (Lunar)

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Lectern (Lunar).png
Released30 September 2020 (Update)
QuestLunar Diplomacy
LocationLunar Isle
ExamineA book full of knowledge from the Moon Clan.
Advanced data
Object ID40358

The lunar lectern is a lectern found in the westernmost building on Lunar Isle, where the Ceremonial Brazier used during various quests. It allows players to create magic tablets of teleportation spells in the Lunar spellbook.

To use the lectern players must be on the Lunar Spellbook and have soft clay and the respective runes and Magic level for the teleportation spell.

Players can make the following tablets here:

Item GE Price
Moonclan teleport (tablet).png Moonclan teleport 1,225
Ourania teleport (tablet).png Ourania teleport 744
Waterbirth teleport (tablet).png Waterbirth teleport 1,190
Barbarian teleport (tablet).png Barbarian teleport 925
Khazard teleport (tablet).png Khazard teleport 1,345
Fishing guild teleport (tablet).png Fishing guild teleport 939
Catherby teleport (tablet).png Catherby teleport 1,958
Ice plateau teleport (tablet).png Ice plateau teleport 1,673