Light infinity colour kit

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Light infinity colour kit detail.png

The light infinity colour kit was added into Old School RuneScape as part of the 12 June 2014 expansion of Treasure Trails. It is a purely decorative reward from elite clue scrolls that can be attached to any pieces of the infinity robes set. Once attached, the robes cannot be sold, but the kit can be detached safely, receiving both items, and sold.

The following is a list of the items made using the kit and the original armour used to make them.

Original Recoloured
Infinity hat.png: Inventory image of Infinity hatInfinity hat Light infinity hat.png: Inventory image of Light infinity hatLight infinity hat
Infinity top.png: Inventory image of Infinity topInfinity top Light infinity top.png: Inventory image of Light infinity topLight infinity top
Infinity bottoms.png: Inventory image of Infinity bottomsInfinity bottoms Light infinity bottoms.png: Inventory image of Light infinity bottomsLight infinity bottoms